Abbreviated Biography of McRae C. Banks, Ph.D.

McRae (Mac) C. Banks joined the Bryan School of Business & Economics as Dean and Virginia Batte Phillips Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at UNCG in July 2011. From 1995-2010, Mac served in a dean-equivalent position as head of the Department of Management at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). During his tenure he led WPI through its initial AACSB accreditation. When he stepped down from his administrative role in 2010, WPI was ranked the #1 part-time MBA program in the U.S. by BusinessWeek, and had garnered many other honors, accolades, and rankings. Also during that period, the business school established centers on Wall Street, and in London and Shanghai, for students to complete their required senior consulting projects, substantially increased the quantity and quality of faculty publications, increased research grants, substantially increased both major and annual gifts, grew enrollments, and raised student quality. Prior to WPI, Mac held academic appointments at Mississippi State University (1987-1995) and Radford University (1982-1987), where he founded the Small Business Institute and taught a course in Small Business Consulting.

Although he has a distinguished record as a scholar, including published articles in top journals, best paper awards, and both government grants and business research contracts, Mac is much more. In addition to his academic interest in entrepreneurship, Mac founded two small businesses in the service sector and held managerial and executive positions in small manufacturing and small retail organizations, working directly with the founders in both. In the academic sector he founded the Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (WPI), and centers for small business consulting, and training and development (Radford University). Additionally, he served as Acting Director of the Agribusiness Institute (ABI) at Mississippi State University, a joint venture between the Colleges of Business and Agriculture that he co-founded, and was one of three co-founders of the Mississippi Furniture Manufacturing Quality Conference and the Furniture Manufacturing Management Program. Mac has also held elected senior leadership positions in three different professional societies.