For Incoming Exchange Students for Business

We’d like to welcome you to the Bryan School of Business and Economics here at the University of North Carolina Greensboro!

All Bryan School students (including exchange students) are required to maintain good academic standing with a minimum 2.o cumulative grade point average (GPA). This is the same as a “C” grade average in the United States education system. Exchange students studying for a full academic or calendar year are REQUIRED to maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average. Work with your home university coordinator to understand what a “C” or 2.0 GPA means for you.

There are business classes that you may be interested in as they are unique to the UNCG or United States:

MGT-330 – Legal Environment of Business as it is based on US law

ACC-218 – Financial Statement Preparation and Disclosures is a great introduction to the US accounting systems

Bryan School has a unique Entrepreneurship (ENT) and Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality (STH) majors with a variety of courses that may not taught anywhere else – ask the Bryan Advisor for recommendations!

Included below is IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION you need to know prior to the deadline for course registration requests:

  1. We cannot guarantee that you will gain enrollment for all the courses for which you request.
    You will work with a Bryan School advisor to get the best possible schedule of classes that meet requirements for your exchange program. In addition to your requests the advisor must consider guidelines for visa status, exchange program expectations, academic needs, and registration restrictions.We do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible but THERE ARE TIMES WHEN WHAT THE BRYAN SCHOOL CAN OFFER DOES NOT MEET THE EXPECTATIONS OF EXCHANGE STUDENTS.You can prepare by reviewing this website thoroughly and requesting more classes than you may need. Always share your concerns with the Bryan School advisor.
  2. Prerequisites at the Bryan School are strictly enforced.
    Prerequisites are courses that are at a lower-level and are required to successfully complete BEFORE you can be enrolled in the upper-level class. In cases where it is not possible for an exchange student to gain the US-based knowledge required for some courses you will be recommended to take the prerequisite.Here is a link to additional information on Bryan School prerequisites and course sequencing by major.Accounting and Finance classes, and their prerequisites, are almost never taught outside of the US so be prepared for additional recommendations or additional instructions if you need to take courses beyond the basics in Accounting or Finance.

    Here is link to additional information for the “Accounting Challenge Exam” that exchange students may be asked to complete in order to enroll in upper-level Accounting courses.

  3. Exchange students can only be initially enrolled in 12 credit hours in BUSINESS courses.
    This includes courses with the following prefixes: ACC, APD, CRS, BUS, ENT, FIN, ISM, MGT, MKT, RCS, STH, and SCM.To allow for a successful transition and to provide exchange students time to enjoy their UNCG experience you will be restricted to 15 credit hours. It is always possible at UNCG to take courses outside of the Bryan School of Business as long as your home university approves.During orientation and the first week of courses exchange students will have the opportunity to change their schedules adding a 5th business course or electing to take on courses from outside of the Bryan School. Exchange students CANNOT REGISTER for courses after the first week of classes.
  4. Exchange students CANNOT TAKE MKT 309-Business Communications.
    Seats in MKT 309 class are reserved for our degree-seeking students.Alternative options may be:
    ENG 230-Writing for the Workplace and Public Audiences or
    ENG 327-Writing for Professionals and Entrepreneurs
    CST 308-Organizational Communication.

    The Bryan School advisor will work with you and the exchange coordinator at your home institution if more information is needed for alternate classes.

  5. Enrollment in MGT 491-Business Policy and Strategy and MGT 301-International Business is VERY LIMITED.
    To be considered for a seat in MGT 491 or MGT 301 you must formally request the class using the online request provided by the International Programs Center.If you fail to complete the online survey you will not be considered for enrollment in this class. Priority for enrollment is considered on a case-by-case basis.We may not be able to honor late requests as degree-seeking students will have priority with registering for this class. Check with the International Programs Center or the Bryan School advisor to understand the timeline for registration requests.
  6. Exchange students are limited to ONLY ONE online or web-based class in the Bryan School.
    You may already have heard this from the advisor in the International Programs Center at UNCG but it is important to pay attention to this as the Bryan School has a number of online classes. Visa requirements require that J-1 students be enrolled full-time in face-to-face in-class meeting classes so any online class must be in addition to the minimum 12 hours for undergraduates.
  7. BUS 105, FMS, FFL, and ISL Courses
    These courses are restricted to enrollment for first-year students transitioning from a high school (secondary education) experience. As an exchange student, you would not want these courses, as they would not be relevant or beneficial for your short time studying abroad here. You will not be enrolled in BUS 105 as an exchange student.