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Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity that requires extensive planning and research. It’s important to plan ahead, so where do you start?

The Bryan School of Business and Economics offers a variety of international education opportunities for undergraduate students. Bryan Abroad encourages students from any major or minor to consider adding an international experience as part of their degree and firmly believes that it is important for students to graduate having gained a truly meaningful international perspective of business.

Students have the opportunity to participate in semester or summer exchanges at more than 40 partner institutions. Courses taken abroad are often taught in English and can count toward degree requirements. Travel grants are available to help with the cost of airfare for studying abroad.

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Planning Ahead

Imagine taking classes in the United Kingdom, China, or Mexico. Experiencing academic courses through the prism of another culture provides you with a rare opportunity to gain new perspectives about teaching and learning. With proper planning, study abroad can help you prepare for your professional life. Start planning today!

Why study abroad?
Steps for Bryan School Students
Setting Goals and Planning Ahead
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Paying for Study Abroad
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