Reaching for the Impossible in Italy

Ana Mosqueda, a senior who is double majoring in Business Administration and Human Resources Management in the Bryan School, studied abroad in the Spring semester of 2014 at the LIUC Università Carlo Cattaneo. The University is located in a small town called Castellanza in Northern Italy. When Ana and I sat down to discuss her experience abroad, she told me that she chose this university because it is one of the best private universities in the region for Business. It’s no wonder considering that professors in the Business at LIUC are full-time professionals who use their work experiences to create tangible and application-based courses for their students!

Ana decided to study abroad because she wanted to prepare herself for a fruitful career with many diverse options. Ana wanted to step out of her comfort zone, hoping that studying abroad would allow her to communicate in new ways.

“Before study abroad, I was afraid to get lost. I had to learn how to read a map when I was there.”

Ana said that going to a new country was a little scary but it helped her confront her fears and realize that anything is possible stating,

“it may seem impossible but if you set your mind to do something, it is doable. You’re more capable than you think.”

Studying abroad may seem like an impossible dream so I asked Ana for any advice that she has for future students wishing to go abroad in the future.

“Immerse yourself in the culture. It’s wonderful when you go with an open mind and are open to new experiences.”

Ana also said that feeling homesick and experiencing culture shock are normal parts of the study abroad process. To cope, Ana joined a student organization that helped international students acclimate to the Italian city. She said that future students should try to meet as many students as they can when they first arrive because everyone is in the same situation- an unfamiliar place with little connection- so developing friendships is important!

When asked what this experience has done for Ana, she said that she has gained a strong sense of confidence in herself. Now she feels that she can take control in many situations. Studying abroad has also opened up many doors for her professionally. Since LIUC Università Carlo Cattaneo  is a small university with professors who are full time employees in Business, Ana has been able to connect with them and learn many different facets of Business. She may even seek an international career after her graduation this May!

Ana went on to talk about the impact that studying abroad had on her:

My study abroad trip was a very meaningful experience on both a personal and professional level. The international students I met and the professors gave me a different perspective on life and the future that I envision for myself. The experience taught me that the most important thing in life is to have a vision. For me that vision is to become a business professional but I had always asked myself if that vision was unrealistic. Before studying abroad, I was always second guessing myself, wondering if I was aiming too high. I learned that life is all about aiming high.”

We are so happy for Ana that she has conquered her fears, defined her vision for the future,  and learned to reach past the impossible! Studying abroad has so much to offer students who are willing to challenge themselves just like Ana did in Italy!


Interview and Story Covered by: Heather Whedbee/ Edited by Dickson Kingsley