Career Services

Need some extra money while in school?

If you are interested in working on- or off-campus while in school, the following resources will be helpful to you in your search:


UNCG’s job board for students and alumni where you can search for part-time and full-time off campus jobs, internships, on-campus jobs, graduate assistantships, etc.


An excellent career management online resource that includes a job board. To request the Bryan School group code in order to set up your account, please send an email to

Additional Resources

Additional resources about student employment can be found on the Student Employment Office web site.

You may also contact the Bryan Career Services and Internship Programs Office if you have questions about employment while in school or if you need assistance. Whether you are an experienced professional seeking to advance your career, or are beginning your professional career, the mission of Bryan Career Services and Internship Programs is to help you be more effective and successful in reaching your career goals. We see ourselves as partners in your success and can provide you with:

  • Career coaching for all of your career needs;
  • State of the art online career search and management tools;
  • A network of Bryan school alumni with whom you can build professional relationships;
  • On campus events and presentations by area employers who may hire Bryan School students, and;
  • A targeted recruiting service where we visit companies on your behalf to promote Bryan School students.

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