Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements for the MS in Accounting program?

For admission, the MS in Accounting program committee considers prior academic work, professional experience, GMAT scores*, and the potential for success indicated by letters of reference. The application package should include a completed application, official transcripts, official GMAT scores*, resume, brief personal statement, and three letters of recommendation. International applicants must provide original TOEFL (or equivalent) score.

* We prefer the GMAT exam, but we do accept GRE scores. See below for more information about GMAT waiver options.

When can I apply?

You can apply at any time during the year and admission decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Application deadlines are:

Fall – July 1 (May 15 for international applicants)
Spring – November 1 (September 15 for international applicants)
Summer – April 15 (February 15 for international applicants)

I don’t have an accounting undergraduate degree. Can I still apply to the MS in Accounting program?

Yes. Approximately 25% of our students have an undergraduate degree in business (not in accounting) and an additional 25% do not have an undergraduate degree in either accounting or business. Students without the necessary accounting or business background will have to take the prerequisite courses while enrolled as graduate students.

Students are encouraged to apply for admissions to the MS in Accounting program and take any necessary prerequisites as an MS in Accounting student. Once admitted to the program, students work closely with an advisor to determine which prerequisite courses can be waived based on prior coursework and how best to complete the prerequisites before beginning the graduate-level curriculum.

What are the prerequisite courses?

Prerequisite courses consist of core business prerequisites and intermediate-level accounting prerequisites. The exact number of required prerequisites will be determined by the advisor based on a review of academic transcripts and other factors after admission to the program.

Core business prerequisite courses include: Business Statistics, Economic Analysis, Business Finance, Financial Statement Preparation and Disclosure, and Managerial Accounting.

Intermediate-level accounting prerequisite courses include: Intermediate Accounting I, Intermediate Accounting II, Accounting Transaction Processing Systems, Cost Accounting, Federal Tax Concepts, and Auditing Concepts.

Please see prerequisites for description of the courses.

Can I take these prerequisite courses at another institution prior to joining UNCG?

The core business courses may be completed through either a community college or a degree-granting institution. The intermediate-level accounting prerequisite courses should be completed through a degree-granting institution. Students will have to pass a competency exam to get a waiver for these courses. In most cases, it is more efficient for a student to satisfy these courses while enrolled in the MS in Accounting program at UNCG.

How long does it take to complete the program?

It depends on the undergraduate accounting and business background one possesses and the number of courses you want to take each semester. If you have already completed all the prerequisites, it is possible to complete the program in one year (Fall + Spring + Summer). The average time to complete the degree is 18 months.

Can I complete the program as a part-time student?

Yes. With the new evening option, it is possible to complete the program as a part time student.

Can I complete the program just by taking courses at night?

Yes, one of our required MSA classes will be offered at night each semester on a rotating basis. It will take three years to complete the rotation of required classes. Online and evening options are also available for accounting and non-accounting electives required for the degree. Prerequisite classes are currently offered primarily during the day.

Is there any financial assistance available?

Limited amount of scholarships, fellowships, and graduate assistantships are available. These are awarded on a competitive basis. Please see Graduate Assistantships/Scholarships for information.

Financial assistance, primarily in the form of federal loans, is also available through the Financial Aid Office. Please see Financial Aid for information.

Is there any way to get a waiver for the GMAT?

Yes, there are four possible options to request a waiver of the GMAT exam:

1. A CPA license issued in or transferable to North Carolina. Contact Amanda Cromartie ( for waiver request form.

2. An advanced degree (MA, MS, MBA) that meets the following criteria:

a. from at least a regionally accredited institution which required an entrance exam such as the GMAT; AND

b. minimum GPA of 3.3 out of 4.0; AND

c. minimum of 2-years relevant professional work experience.

Contact Amanda Cromartie ( for waiver request form.

3. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma with a minimum 3.25 GPA in accounting. Upload a copy of your certificate as a supplemental document to your application.

4. Admission to the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Graduate Degree Program in Accounting. Contact Amanda Cromartie ( for more information.

Where can I find more information about the GMAT?

GMAT information can be obtained online or from the address below:
Graduate Management Admissions Test
Educational Testing Service
Box 6101
Princeton, NJ 08541-6101
(609) 771-7330
More Information on the GMAT

Do I have to wait till I receive the GMAT score to apply?

No. However, admission decision will be made only after the receipt of the GMAT score.

I have taken GRE. Is it acceptable in place of GMAT?

Yes. We prefer the GMAT exam, but we do accept GRE scores. If you have questions about your GRE score, please contact the MS in Accounting Program Director at

I already have an MBA degree. Can I use some of the courses I took in MBA to satisfy MS in Accounting elective requirements?

A course may only count toward one degree. Thus, we can only count courses that were not needed to satisfy the requirements of your MBA degree. There is a form available to request a waiver of the GMAT if you have an MBA degree (see above).

Do I have to resubmit all materials if I was previously admitted to a UNCG Graduate Program?

Generally, students who were admitted to a UNCG graduate program in the recent past or who earned a graduate degree at UNCG may only need to submit an application and any additional materials that were not required for the previous program. Please contact the MS in Accounting Program Director at if you have questions regarding old applications.

I am an international student. I already have an accounting degree. Do I need to take any prerequisite courses?

Because of the differences in accounting/auditing standards and tax laws between the United States and other countries, it may be necessary for you take some of the prerequisite accounting courses. Please contact the MS in Accounting Program Director at if you have questions regarding prerequisites.

Can I do an internship for course credit?

Yes. Students must obtain an internship position that requires significant use of accounting or finance skills to qualify for the internship course. Internships may take place in public accounting, industry, and government. To receive academic credit, the internship position must be approved in advance by the Instructor who administers this course. The internship must consist of at least 320 hours of employment and the intern must complete a written paper on the internship experience. Typically, internships take place between January and March and then interns return to campus for the remainder of the semester. Students are paid for their work and receive 3 hours of graduate credit. The Internship Program allows students to gain valuable accounting experience prior to graduation. Please see the Internship Program website for additional information.

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