Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Course Prerequisites

Common Prerequisite Quick Reference Guide

Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality 

(This document is not meant to be a replacement for your Undergraduate Bulletin but rather a tool to assist as you prepare for advising.  Always refer to the official course bulletin for the year you entered the program for official policies and course descriptions.)

Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018

STH 231-Tourism, Cultures, and Places – No Prerequisite- Fall and Spring
STH 251-Multicultural Issues in Hospitality and Tourism– No Prerequisite- Fall
STH 310-Hotel Operations– Prerequisite ACC 201- Fall
STH 311-Sustainable Food and Beverage– No Prerequisite- Spring
STH 313-Revenue Management– Prerequisites:  ECO 201 and MAT 115 or higher
STH 332-Sustainable Destination Planning and Management– No Prerequisite- Fall
STH/ENT/CTR 451-Service Management– No Prerequisite- Fall and Spring
STH 491-Tourism and Hospitality Strategic Management – STHP major and Senior Standing- Fall and Spring


STH Electives

STH 312-Greening Hotel Facilities– No Prerequisite-Spring
STH 331/GEO 331-Sustainable Tourism and Transportation– No Prerequisite- Spring
STH 345-Cross-Cultural Study Tour in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality– Prerequisite: Minimum 2.0 UNCG GPA
STH 354/ENT 354-Restaurant Entrepreneurship– Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Standing- Fall
STH 401-Hotel and Travel Services Marketing– Prerequisite: STH 332 or MKT 320- Spring
STH 433-Business Tourism– No Prerequisite- Spring
STH 445-Community-Based Sustainable Tourism Planning– Prerequisite: Minimum 2.0 UNCG GPA
STH 459-Independent Study in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality– Prerequisite: STHP Major and Department Approval- Fall and Spring
STH 473-Wine Appreciation for the Hospitality Professional– Prerequisite: Must be 21 years old or older- Spring