Request A Course Overload – Bryan School Majors

Undergraduate students with Bryan School majors may not take more than 18 semester hours except with the approval of the Bryan Undergraduate Student Services Office, Bryan 301. To request special permission to take more than 18 semester hours during a regular semester, or more than 7 semester hours in any one given summer session, students must complete this online Course Overload Request Form. Keep in mind that requests are granted at the discretion of the Bryan Undergraduate Student Services Office.  It is the students’responsibility to know cost associated with credit for a course overload.  Refer to the Cashier’s Office tuition information for details.

Dependent on your circumstances, approval of your request requires one or both of the following:

  • A minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA
  • Anticipated graduation date within 1-2 semesters

Please note that course overload requests are only approved for students in academic good standing, regardless of a student’s anticipated graduation date.