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  • Expectations

  • Bryan Undergraduate Student Services Office
    Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm

    Bryan Academic Advising
    Bryan Undergraduate Student Services wants to partner with Bryan School students to reach new heights that represent the quality education, business aptitude, and ethical prominence with which each student has been equipped to do something bigger altogether. As part of a successful academic advising partnership students will:

    1. Make use of information and communication provided to them.
    2. Operate autonomously by scheduling and attending appointments.
    3. Demonstrate an ability to use Undergraduate Student Services technology and resources.
    4. Initiate proactive and timely communication with their assigned advisor.
    5. Seek out feedback from advising sources to make informed academic decisions.
    6. Evaluate personal and academic skills, abilities, interests and goals.
    7. Correctly interpret and apply program requirement information from their degree evaluation.

    Advising Appointments
    Each student is required to meet with his or her academic advisor at least once each semester to receive their advising code in order to register for classes. Additional advising appointments can be made year-round at any time, for any reason. The Bryan Undergraduate Student Services Office prides ourselves on giving students one-to-one attention and we encourage all our students to begin to form a relationship with their advisor. Students must schedule an appointment with their advisor using Starfish.

    How should I prepare for my advisement appointment?
    Students are encouraged to show up a few minutes early for their advising appointment. Students arriving 5 minutes late or more will be asked to reschedule the appointment. Plan ahead for your appointment by reviewing your current degree evaluation, reviewing the master schedule of classes, putting together a list of classes you would like to take, and compiling a list of questions you might have.

    Student/Advisor Responsibilities
    Bryan Undergraduate Student Services Advisors are available throughout the year to assist with anything you need. Call the office or send an email to your assigned advisor whenever necessary, however it is often best to schedule an appointment. We offer phone appointments for those who cannot easily come to campus during regular advising hours, and we typically have walk-in hours each week for urgent concerns.

    As you have certain expectations of us, we also have expectations of you. Here is a general outline of our respective responsibilities throughout your time at UNCG.

    Advisor Responsibilities:

    1. Develop relationship with advisee based on mutual respect and trust
    2. Interpret curriculum and policies clearly, accurately and consistently
    3. Provide services in an efficient and timely manner
    4. Act as link between student and university
    5. Help students define educational and career objectives
    6. Mentor student through transition to college and professional development needs
    7. Advocate for student’s best interest
    8. Identify conditions that may hinder students’ academic progress and propose alternatives for change
    9. Know campus resources and refer as necessary, but remember that the student has to take initiative.

    Student Responsibilities:

    1. Develop relationship with advisor based on mutual respect and trust
    2. Actively seek assistance – make appointments when necessary and arrive on time with questions, ideas, and session goals in mind
    3. Be mindful of advisor’s time and workload
    4. Keep contact information current, and check UNCG e-mail daily – this is the main form of University communication
    5. Be professional and respectful in all forms of communication
    6. Know about University rules, requirements, policies and procedure and where to find them
    7. Be aware of important dates and deadlines

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