2009 Staff Excellence Award Recipient: Michele Boltuc

The Dean’s speech at Award Ceremony presentation, April 24, 2009: Today, I am pleased to present the 2009 Bryan School Staff Excellence Award.
As you may know, the Bryan School Diversity Commission recommended the establishment of this award to recognize a current Bryan School administrative EPA or SPA employee who:

  • Demonstrates excellence in leadership;
  • Possesses outstanding dedication to duty and exhibits high professional standards; and who
  • Excels in their position and furthers the mission of the Bryan School and UNCG.

This year, the selection committee received nominations for five candidates, all of whom exemplify the award’s criteria. Nominations included recommendations from Bryan School faculty, staff, as well as letters of support and recognition from members of the community.
Commendations for this year’s recipient include:

  • “has quickly become a go-to person for many of us”
  • “is so approachable, no matter how obvious or difficult the answer to the question”
  • “readily available to assist anytime”
  • “has this wonderful blend of cheerfulness, competence in her job, and excellent communication skills”
  • her “willingness to respectfully make suggestions without pushing a particular point of view supports the Bryan School rather than supporting her personal position”
  • “As a leadership scholar I teach that leaders gain influence as a function of different bases of power. She derives her leadership influence from expert power and referent power. These two bases of power are those most highly associated with effectiveness in organizations. Her expert power is derived from a deep knowledge of the mechanisms by which University funds are awarded and allocated. As a consequence she is able to use her influence is services of helping Bryan School administrators and faculty make more efficient use of the scarce resources. She derives her referent power (role model) from her consistent displays of strong work ethic and ability to handle high levels of pressure with consistent calm and efficiency. I find her succinct explanations and willingness to work tirelessly on weekends … to be a wonderful example.”

Please join me in congratulating Michele Boltuc, the recipient of the 2009 Bryan School Staff Excellence Award.