2011 Bryan School Staff Excellence Award Recipient: Gail Honeycutt

For those that aren’t aware, the Bryan School Staff Excellence Award was established to recognize a current Bryan School administrative EPA or SPA employee who:

  • Demonstrates excellence in leadership;
  • Possesses outstanding dedication;
  • And who excels in their position, furthering the mission of the Bryan School and UNCG.

This year, the selection committee received nominations for eight candidates, all of whom exemplify the award’s criteria. Nominations included recommendations from Bryan School faculty and staff, as well as letters of support and recognition from members of the community.

Upon the recommendation of the Bryan School Staff Excellence Award Committee, I am pleased to present the 2011 Bryan School Staff Excellence Award to this year’s recipient…

Gail Honeycutt

I would like to share with you some of the comments about Gail from the Bryan community:

  • Gail’s ability to train and guide inexperienced student workers through an often hectic and demanding print-shop environment cannot be understated.
  • Gail is a true “servant leader” and the skills learned from her will follow these students well after graduation.
  • On many occasions Gail has sought solutions to problems that were beyond the scope of her duties. She has been seen regularly arriving early and staying late in order to better assist her client’s needs. Gail has been known to come in on Saturdays to get the job done.
  • Gail’s recommendations for improving submitted print jobs repeatedly lead to an increase in professional quality.
  • Gail has done an exemplary job in representing the Bryan School to the surrounding community by serving as a key player in holiday projects that involve helping senior citizens and community families in need. Internal to the school, Gail has been responsible for organizing events like birthdays, baby showers, and helping fellow employees in need.
  • Gail gives 150% to everything she does.

These are just a handful of many examples given that show Gail as a true representative of everything that the Bryan Staff Excellence Award stands for.

Gail, on behalf of the Bryan School faculty, staff and students, it is an honor to present you with the 2011 Staff Excellence Award.