2012 Bryan School Staff Excellence Award Recipient: Connie Uselman

For those that aren’t aware, the Bryan School Staff Excellence Award was established to recognize a current Bryan School administrative EPA or SPA employee who:

  • Demonstrates excellence in leadership;
  • Possesses outstanding dedication;
  • And who excels in their position, furthering the mission of the Bryan School and UNCG.

This year, the selection committee received nominations for fifteen candidates, many of which exemplify the award’s criteria. Nominations included recommendations from Bryan School faculty, staff, and students.

Upon the recommendation of the Bryan School Staff Excellence Award Committee, I am pleased to introduce the 2012 Bryan School Staff Excellence Award recipient. . .

Connie Uselman

I would like to share with you some examples of Connie’s above and beyond efforts offered by the Bryan School community:

  • For years Connie has voluntarily served in various capacities within organizations and committees within the University.
    • Connie represented the Bryan School on the UNCG Staff Senate for four years. During this time Connie assisted with the development and endowment of a Staff Senate Scholarship that provides funding for Staff and their immediate family to take classes at UNCG.
    • Connie has chaired and served on the Healthy UNCG Committee which develops and provides health and wellness benefits to University faculty and staff.
    • Connie is also a founding member of UNCG’s Research Administrators Network that offers training and development, as well as a sense of community for staff who assist in the research efforts of the University.
    • With professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi facing possible suspension due to a lack of interest in the advisor position, Connie stepped forward and voluntarily took over the position. Her efforts while leading Delta Sigma Pi have made the organization stronger and more effective here at UNCG. Based on her advising efforts, Connie was awarded the Delta Sigma Pi 2010-2011 Chapter Advisor for the Mid-Atlantic Region.
    • Connie has voluntarily attended training seminars and provided input that greatly benefited the development of a school-wide infrastructure to handle sponsored research activity. During the implementation of this infrastructure, Connie also put in long hours beyond her normal office hours.
    • Though not part of her normal duties, one of our most active research faculty members needed someone to handle a pre-award portfolio, and Connie cheerfully accepted this responsibility.
    • Connie has taken the lead and initiative to re-design and foster development of the processes and systems used to determine scholarship recipients. Based on Connie’s successful efforts in the area of scholarships, the University’s Financial Aid office has decided to adopt Connie’s process for the entire campus.
    • Connie has recently taken on the role of supervising a part-time employee. Beyond the normal guidance and advice that comes with that role, Connie has ensured that her employee participates in all training opportunities that arise. The employee’s increased knowledge not only benefits the Bryan School but also the employee’s career growth.
    • Beyond caring for her Bryan School community, Connie has also participated in outreach efforts within the University as a whole and beyond.
    • In the past, Connie created an Emergency Resources book for Student Affairs to assist at-risk students with problems such as mental health and addiction.
    • Connie has helped organize outreach efforts for her church by creating a database containing emergency shelters, food pantries, clothing banks, etc… that are utilized by vulnerable citizens such as the elderly, handicapped, and homeless.

his list seems large but they are just a handful of many examples given that show Connie as a true representative of everything that the Bryan School Staff Excellence Award stands for.

Connie, on behalf of the Bryan School community, it is an honor to present you with the 2012 Staff Excellence Award.