Realizing your passion

brent-patterson-hsBrent Patterson, a 2009 UNCG Bryan School and Economics graduate found his passion while studying entrepreneurship courses taught by Dr. Dianne Welsh.  Patterson, who began his entrepreneurship courses had a very vague view regarding the topic, but soon realized how much potential this subject matter could offer.  Patterson focused his degree on going into the business world as an entrepreneur by doing research, developing business plans, and developing his ideas before starting his business.

I would have never realized my passion for entrepreneurship without what I learned in my entrepreneurship courses.

In mid 2012 Patterson started Priority Background Solutions, which helps finding background information to help determine risks with an individual during the hiring process, and in a short period of time has over 100 clients in over 20 states.

Patterson believes his success was helped by UNCG, The Bryan School, and the Entrepreneurship courses where he would obtain the skills and knowledge to start his successful business.  That’s Doing Something Bigger Altogether.