Volvo Connects with Bryan Students

You’ve heard how important networking is to career success and several Bryan Students had the opportunity in January to build some great relationships with Volvo located here in Greensboro. First, to kick off the semester a few of the Bryan Career Ambassadors, an advisory group to Bryan Career Services, visited Volvo Financial Services. Katie Marshall and Isaac Miller, UNCG alumni who currently work there, invited a group to come visit and talk with the executives.

“I wanted to accept their generous invitation because I believe it’s incredibly valuable to see a company first hand and meet the people who make it up,” said Linda Pollock, career counselor for the Bryan School and coordinator of the trip.


Bryan Career Ambassadors who attended include sophomore Brenna Barnett, junior Bria Porter and seniors Turki Alkhalifah, Jonatta Harmon and Glenn Zimmerman.

I would definitely recommend other students to participate in this kind of “field trip”

“I would definitely recommend other students to participate in this kind of “field trip,” not only was it very informative but you get to see what the actual business aspect of Volvo involves. They have departments in nearly every business concentration at UNCG,” Bria Porter said.

The agenda for the day included a tour of the facilities for Volvo Financial divisions United States, Americas, and the global headquarters, all under the same roof. “The benefits of visiting a company like Volvo Financial Services are numerous. You can meet different supervisors and staff and you get a real sense of how much they love their jobs. There was not one person that I encountered at Volvo Financial Services who disliked their job or could ever see themselves with another company,” Bria reflected.

A few of the favorite parts of the day included – seeing so many international employees, hearing from an executive, touring the office space and learning about the company values.

“The best part of my day was touring through the offices with the supervisor and seeing how he knew everyone’s name and their background. I love the fact that they are very team-oriented and they all rely on each other and teach each other in order to help the company remain successful.” – Bria Porter

“Volvo has a learning community that is continual, which is pretty awesome.  In such a large company you would think that you’d have initial training and then maybe a couple of workshops here and there and that’d be it. In contrast, Volvo Financial Services uniquely equips each employee with a continual learning plan that is tailored to focus on the needed improvement areas of each person individually. Kudos to them! “– Jonatta Harmon

“As an international student, the best part for me was seeing Volvo’s international employees It made me a lot less worried and afraid of entering an actual corporate environment.  A large multinational company like Volvo can still be casual with their employees.” – Turki Alkhalifah

This was a great learning experience and I think all students should see some type of company at work.

“This was a great learning experience and I think all students should see some type of company at work. It was a really eye opening experience to see how your once fellow classmates have gone further and grown.” – Brenna Barnett

“It was encouraging to hear that they look for more than just finance students to work with them. Visiting VFS allowed me to learn things that can make me more competitive when searching for a job. We were able to ask any question we wanted about the company and gett an answer from a real person, not a computer. Plus it is nice to get off campus for a while and have fun.” – Glenn Zimmerman

The visit was productive and Katie Marshall invited the group back anytime. “Isaac and I loved meeting with the students, connecting with them on a UNCG and a VFS plane, and learning more about the company right along with them. It was an absolute delight.”

In addition to a group actually visiting VFS, over 100 students attended the Company Spotlight on January 28th in the Bryan Building. The Company Spotlight included several representatives from both Volvo Trucks and Volvo Financial Services. Many of the representatives are alumni of the Bryan School and UNCG.