Something you will hear often at UNCG is that we are a university that challenges you because our faculty members want you to achieve your goals and carry forth the lessons you learn throughout your career and life. With that challenge, however, comes our enthusiastic support throughout your academic journey. So, while we expect to work hard in a rigorous environment, you can expect to have access to the support you need to succeed. Academic advising, for example, is essential for your success in the CARS major. During advising sessions, you’ll work closely with an academic advisor who will guide you on course selection, hands-on learning opportunities and your overall course of study.

Design SketchStudents in CARS are expected to:

  • Schedule an appointment with the CARS advisor at least once per semester
  • Take responsibility for completing the degree by knowing the requirements of the major
  • Maintain an up-to-date plan of study

All undergraduates in the CARS major are advised in the Bryan School Undergraduate Student Services center in the Office of Student Success, located in 301 Bryan Building.  

Click here for an advising appointment.

Graduate students are advised by the Director of Graduate Studies until a thesis, project, or dissertation advisory committee has been selected. Our faculty will partner with you to ensure timely completion of all degree requirements.