BS in Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies

You’ll be ready for a global fashion career in design and retailing.

So much is in store for you as a student in the CARS program. Studio classes. Hands-on projects. Internships with leading apparel and retail companies. THREADS, a student organization that offers opportunities to connect with and learn from your fellow classmates. In addition, your classroom learning will include best practices and real-world examples from the industry so that everything you learn will be relevant to your future career.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree is available in three concentrations: Apparel Design (APD), Retailing and Consumer Studies (RCS), and Global Apparel and Related Industry Studies (GARI). (Concentration details). Because we believe in positioning you for a variety of career opportunities, each concentration prepares students to be just what companies looking for — candidates who understand designing, manufacturing, marketing, and retailing fashion and apparel-related products. From Day One, you’ll be ready for a global fashion career in design and retailing with a focus on satisfying consumer demand.

What is the coursework like in the major?

During the first two years of study, you will complete the majority of your general education requirements (GEC) and begin introductory courses in CARS. Because many students frequently change majors early in their academic careers, in-depth study into the major begins in the junior year. Students in all concentrations complete supporting coursework in the Bryan School of Business and Economics. RCS students complete sufficient courses (21 hours) to complete a minor in Business. GARI students complete sufficient courses to complete a minor in International and Global Studies. The student must submit the necessary forms to formally declare a minor.

How about the classroom environment?

The classroom environment in CARS is student-centered. Most are small enough for the faculty to know students’ names. CARS classes run the gamut from lecture to group work to discussion. Most are a combination of all three. And most include real-world examples from industry and encourage a hands-on approach to learning. Design courses are all taught as studios. Basically, you’ll always be engaged and what you learn will be relevant to your goals.

I want to gain work experience before I graduate. Are internships available?

Yes! In fact, an internship is required by all CARS majors in order to graduate. Students prepare for the internship during the junior year by taking the Professional Development class and then complete the internship in the summer between the junior and senior years. Internships are structured and supervised to ensure that students have a quality learning experience. Because of the proximity of UNCG to North Carolina’s major textile and apparel industry, many students remain in North Carolina. Others decide to complete their internships in major metropolitan cities across the United States and even the globe.

Are there opportunities to travel?

Study Trip to ItalyA global focus is an important part of the CARS learning experience; therefore, travel opportunities are indeed available to you. The department offers study tours every two years for course credit to places like New York, London, and Italy, as well as Las Vegas to attend the largest apparel and sourcing trade show in the United States, MAGIC. Visits are also made to design centers, manufacturers, retail establishments, factory showrooms, sourcing companies, forecasting agencies, and industry organizations. Activities may also include guest speakers, cultural performances, museums and runway shows. Trips are planned and announced in advance to allow students time to arrange for funding.

We also strongly encourage students in the CARS major to take advantage of study abroad opportunities by participating in the student exchange program offered by the International Programs Center at UNCG.

Can I get a minor in CARS?

A minor in CARS is available to students who are enrolled in other majors at UNCG. See the undergraduate bulletin for more information about minoring in CARS.

Are there Bryan School requirements that I should know?

The Department of Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies (CARS) is a part of the Bryan School of Business and Economics. However, students pursuing the CARS major, concentrations, or minor are not required to complete Bryan School-wide course requirements.

How do I apply?

Visit Undergraduate Admissions to submit your application and become a part of the CARS community!

Additional information about the BS in CARS is available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.