PhD Degree

For those who imagine themselves as university professors sharing their passion for Consumer, Apparel and Retail studies with future students, a PhD in the field is an outstanding course of study to pursue. By delving deep into exciting topics ranging from marketing to consumer behavior, you will gain an expert’s understanding of the industry and how to apply your knowledge for success in the field.

Graduate Students at Southeastern Graduate ConsortiumThe CARS graduate program of study leading to the doctor of philosophy degree requires a minimum of 60 hours (90 beyond the BS) and the completion of a dissertation.

Sample doctoral courses include:

CRS 712: Theory Development in Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies
Examination of business related marketing theories. Analysis of marketing theories, models, and conceptual frameworks. Includes business-to-business, consumer, customer relationship and economic theories.

CRS 713: Qualitative Methodology in Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies
Exploration of development and use of qualitative research methodology. Focus on application of qualitative methodology to diverse research problems, data collection procedures, and analysis approaches.

CRS 721: Consumer Behavior in Apparel and Retailing
Current theories and research in consumer behavior. Application of consumer behavior models to apparel, apparel-related products and retailing through individualized research projects.

Graduate Student presenting her research at Southeastern Graduate ConsortiumHow to Apply

To apply, all you need to do is complete the online application, including GRE scores, three letters of support and a statement of interest, along with transcripts from your undergraduate and graduate institution(s).

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