Student Organizations

THREADSThreads Fashion Show

The CARS student-run organization, THREADS, fosters community, professional development and creative enrichment to greatly enhance your academic experience. Often, students tell us how much their time in THREADS has meant to them because of the social connections, experiential learning, and peer mentoring that the organization provides. THREADS hosts numerous networking events throughout the year to help CARS students find friends, study partners, internships and potential employers. Upperclassmen offer mentorship to newer students in the form of resume writing, interviewing tips and more. THREADS is probably best known for its annual Spring Fashion Show, a frequently sold-out gala event that showcases student designs and exposes CARS students to the broader industry community.

Membership in the organization is limited to undergraduates or graduate students enrolled in the CARS major or minor. Learn more about THREADS and why students are so passionate about their engagement with this active and supportive organization.

CARS Graduate Student Association

Graduate students at bowling socialThe UNCG Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an organization designed to enhance the experience of graduate students as they move through their advanced courses of study. The GSA serves as the collective voice of the graduate student body, interacting with UNCG faculty and administration and advocating for helpful changes to continually advance opportunities and the overall graduate experience at the university. The GSA is run by an executive board. Every graduate student at UNCG is a member of GSA’s legislative body and is encouraged to attend meetings and be an active member.

Graduate student painting pumpkin at Halloween socialIn addition to the university-wide GSA, the CARS department has an affiliate association, known as the Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies Graduate Student Association (CARS GSA). The primary objective of the CARS GSA is to help build networks and research collaborations among graduate students, organize student activities such as graduate socials and seminars, and assist graduate students in CARS with securing funds for conference attendance and scholarship presentation from the main Graduate Student Association body.

Click here to learn more about the CARS GSA.