ENT/LIS/GEO/MKT 530 Researching Entrepreneurship & Economic Development Opportunities ,Syllabus

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PSC 511S Social Entrepreneurship Syllabus

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MST 525 Media Organization and Management Syllabus

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GEO/ENT 502 Urban Planning syllabus F16

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Entrepreneurship Graduate Course Descriptions

511      Silver Industries (3:3) Overview of the longevity economy and its influence on entrepreneurial opportunities. Case illustrations highlighted. Using the entrepreneurial business model, students explore opportunities, risks, and rewards in the silver industries market. In this course, students will explore the vast array of products being designed internationally for older adults (Japan, Korea, and Europe) both in the healthcare industry and beyond. Working in teams, students will … [Read more...]

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses not currently under ENT prefix

BUS 305 Introduction to the Business of Health-Care Management (3:3) Influence of health-care services/systems on business organizations. Issues of health-care organizations, professions, ethics, and assessment. Organizational patterns for health-care delivery and issues in financing health care. BCN 524 Media Financing and Distribution (3:3) The processes of raising and budgeting funds and distributing film and videos for theatrical release, direct DVD/video release, or television … [Read more...]