Finalist for the top 3 feasibility analysis in the U.S


The Small Business Institute (SBI) has notified the Bryan School of Business & Economics that Oden Brothers Brewery from theĀ  ENT/BUS 300 Feasibility Analysis fall 2015 class is a finalist for the top 3 feasibility analysis in the U.S. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced at the SBI annual meeting in February. The students on the team were Guadalupe Rodriguez, Kristoffer Holm, Joe Rotondi, Amani Duke and Randy Roof led by Project Director Dr. Dianne Welsh. In the Specialized Project Category (Marketing), Paul Anthony Grooming Salon made Honorable Mention with the student team of Austin Mask, Anh Trieu, Lili Gallagher, Daisie Stewart, Kathleen Mantz, and Taylor Lee led by Dr. Jim Boles. Dr. Dianne Welsh is the SBI Director for UNCG.