FAQs for the MA in Applied Economics

Am I eligible to apply?
MA Admission outlines the prerequisites for our program and contains substantial information about what factors we take into consideration when evaluating applications. Detailed directions on how to submit the application for the MA in Applied Economics program are available at Graduate Application.

Can I pursue the MA in Applied Economics on a part-time basis or through online coursework?
The MA in Applied Economics is a lockstep program in which each year’s cohort of students progress through the courses together. It is a full-time program that can only be taken face to face.

Can I take applied economics courses even if I am not in the MA program?
Students who have been admitted to a graduate program at UNCG are welcome to enroll in graduate economics courses if they meet course prerequisites and have an appropriate background in economic theory, statistics, mathematics, and econometrics. Advanced undergraduate students at UNCG should contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Dennis Leyden, at economics@uncg.edu about the possibility of taking graduate courses through the Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) or via Dual Registration.

Can I start the MA in Applied Economics program in the Spring or Summer semesters?
Students must begin the MA program in the Fall semester.

Can I transfer credits from prior coursework toward the MA in Applied Economics?
We do not accept transfer credits for the MA in Applied Economics program.

How can I find out more about the MA in Applied Economics program?
The MA in Applied Economics pages of the Department’s website are the best source of information on the program.  Email the Graduate Program Office at economics@uncg.edu to request additional written materials about the MA in Applied Economics.  You are welcome to visit the campus and meet current students and faculty; trips can be arranged through the Graduate Programs office (economics@uncg.edu).

What are the requirements/prerequisites for admission to the MA in Applied Economics program?
Prospective students should have completed intermediate-level courses in microeconomics and macroeconomics, two courses in statistics and/or econometrics, and courses in calculus and mathematical economics that included partial differentiation, total differentiation, matrix algebra, and optimization.

Can I apply to the program even if I have not completed all the prerequisites?
We strongly recommend you complete the prerequisite coursework (outlined in MA Admission) before you submit your application. If you are currently enrolled in or expecting to complete the recommended courses before you enter graduate school, you should submit your application and let us know which courses you are taking.  You will need to provide us with a transcript showing final grades when you complete the courses.

Can you look at my materials and transcripts and tell me if I am likely to be admitted before I complete an application?
We cannot evaluate your materials and transcripts until they are uploaded to the ApplyYourself electronic application program and your application is submitted.

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