Financial Aid & Tuition

The Department of Economics funds highly qualified graduate students through competitive awards such as graduate assistantships, tuition waivers, grant funding, paid internships, and fellowships. Each type of funding is available to both PhD and MA students.

The department attempts to match students with the best funding based on interests. To facilitate matching, please include a resume with your online application and indicate your research interests, relevant skills, and experience. Applications received before the priority deadline of February 15 are reviewed first.

Graduate assistantships and tuition waivers

Graduate assistants work approximately 18-20 hours a week in the Department of Economics. GAs typically help professors with their teaching and/or research.

Graduate assistants are also eligible to receive out-of-state and/or in-state tuition waivers. Out-of-state tuition waivers reduce the tuition of out-of-state students to the levels charged to in-state students. In-state tuition waivers cover the cost of in-state tuition. Tuition waivers do not cover fees.

Grant Funding

Some students receive funding through contracts or grants which are usually awarded to a specific professor for a specific project. Availability of grant funding varies from year to year and students are recruited as funding is available.

Advanced graduate students are encouraged to apply for dissertation grants, which are available from a variety of sources.

Graduate School and Bryan School Fellowships

The Department of Economics submits nominations on behalf of highly qualified new and continuing graduate students for fellowships that are awarded on campus through The Graduate School.

The Bryan School of Business and Economics awards a limited number of privately funded fellowships including the Joseph M. Bryan Fellowship, Betty Conley Brooks and Robert Charles Brooks Master’s Fellowship, and the Wells Fargo Fellowship to highly qualified graduate students. To ensure full consideration, please complete your application to the graduate program by the priority deadline of February 15.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees at UNCG change each academic year due to changes in the state budget. Information about current tuition and fees can be found at the Cashiers and Student Account Office. For some graduate programs, the Bryan School assesses a differential tuition that is used to provide administrative support services to the students in the program. Effective Fall 2012, the differential tuition will be $60 per credit hour for all 600-level economics courses.

Information on financial assistance, including financial aid; work study; and federally guaranteed subsidized and unsubsidized student loans, is available through the Office of Financial Aid.

International Students

International students who are in the United States on or intending to be on a temporary non-immigrant F-1 visa are required to certify that they have adequate financial resources to cover the cost of tuition and fees, accommodation and meals, insurance, and other living expenses. UNCG cannot issue the I-20 Form until it receives the completed financial forms and supporting bank/sponsor documents. International students should go to the International Program Center’s web page for more information.

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