Overview of Graduate Programs

Contact Dennis Leyden, Director of Graduate Studies, or Jean Rosales, Graduate Programs Coordinator, at economics@uncg.edu for more information.

Master of Arts in Applied Economics


A nationally recognized program designed to optimize your career success.  Our best economics program integrates economic theory and analytical tools while preparing you to enter the economics profession with the ability to model and analyze large complex data sets. Employers have noted that our specially designed advanced master’s in economics courses in applied economics, policy analysis, and data analytics substantially increase our master’s in economics’s appeal.  Interested?  Read more about our master’s in economics degree and requirements.

Stephen Holland teaching in the classroom
Combined MA/PhD Program

Earn an MA, stay for the PhD. The combined MA/ PhD economics degree at UNCG allows qualified master’s students to enter our PhD program without pointless course repetition. The combined MA/ PhD allows you to earn a highly marketable MA in Applied Economics with the option of moving into our PhD program in your second year. If you would like to experience the rigor of a master’s in economics program before committing to a PhD program, then this is the degree option for you.

PhD in Economics
Economics Students Studying

Our innovative, streamlined PhD program began Fall 2004. Our PhD economics degree program is built on our highly successful, microeconomic-focused program leading to the MA in Applied Economics. The curriculum is designed for students who want the integration of economic theory and econometrics combined with real world skills in policy analysis and statistical and data analysis skills. Our microeconomic focus on the fields of health, labor, innovation, and environmental economics prepares you for a research career in government agencies, health organizations and medical schools, industry, public policy research organizations, banking and finance, and academic institutions.

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