Executive Education

The Bryan School of Business and Economics wholeheartedly believes that success in business is a result of continuous learning and execution. Our program participants are students of business in the life-long pursuit of excellence in their chosen professions.

Continuing education beyond formal degree-seeking programs helps individuals stay abreast of current business treads and applications, hone skills and gain new knowledge.

Open Enrollment Programs

The Bryan School is pleased to offer a variety of open enrollment and customized programs to our business audiences. Open enrollment programs allow participants from a variety of firms the opportunity to share and learn from multiple industry perspectives and approaches, while customized programs are specific to your organization and can address particular points of interest.

Open enrollment programs include topics addressing:

  • Finance and Accounting for the Non-financial Manager
  • General Management Practices
  • Leadership, Strategic Planning & Execution

These programs can be customized to your company’s needs or we can work with you to develop a unique program focused on the specific subject matter of choice.

Our programs utilize both faculty from the Bryan School of Business and Economics as well as expert practitioners of their respective fields of business to develop and deliver program content. Combining these talents helps us offer rich and varied perspectives, along with tested experiences and knowledge gained from “walking the talk” in business today.

For additional information or questions, please contact any of the following:

Ms. Pattie Hollinger:
pjhollin@uncg.edu or 336-334-3088

Mr. Joseph Erba:
jrerba@uncg.edu or 336-256-8592

Ms. Beth Todd:
eltalley@uncg.edu or 336-334-9824 / 336-334-5338