Art of Communication

The Art of Communication has become the most sought after engagement.  Companies are finding that there is a disconnect in how people communicate.   Dianne Garrett facilitates this program and is a communication lecturer in the Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, and Tourism Department at the Bryan School.    She applies her neuroscience studies in building course curriculum and delivering the learning experiences in a brain friendly way.

In the one-day writing workshop, participates will write four business situations and receive immediate feedback on his/her writing.  You’ll then continue your learning by sending three Word documents (within a month) to Dianne for personalized coaching and feedback.   Poor writing habits are broken by repetition, a 2012 International Coaching survey concludes that coaching/feedback achieves a 700% return on investment.

 What Will The Participants Learn?

…to create audience-centered communication that fits the author’s purpose, the audience’s needs and the company’s vision.    In the workshop, we’ll…

  • learn how to organize a message to achieve results
  • learn how to eliminate wordiness, and write concise messages
  • learn how to choose words that emotionally impact the reader
  • learn to write better messages faster