Value Selling: Selling in Competitive Markets

Markets are becoming more and more competitive, and your organization will fall behind if you don’t keep up with your competition. Your sales team needs to stay on top of the trends in your market, and it’s up to you to train your salespeople accordingly. Learn the process and stay competitive.

May 17-18, 2016
8:15 am – 4:30 pm
Bryan School Building, 516 Stirling St.


  • Learn to sell value and take price out of the conversation
  • Learn the magic questions to manage the conversation
  • Learn the secrets to differentiating your product offering
  • Learn how to sell more profitably, confidently, and professionally

This course is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge concerning value-based selling, buyer behavior and general sales skills useful for both new and experienced salespeople. Salespeople will enhance their ability to make calls customer specific. The course emphasizes communication skills – doing so through role-playing and other exercises designed to reinforce the materials being covered. The development of effective methods of handling customer objections/concerns and gaining buyer commitment will be addressed. This program will also provide participants with an opportunity to gain additional practice in the areas of identifying and communicating value as defined differently by different customers. Finally, the Selling Skills Course will focus on providing service to customers, conducting effective follow-up, dealing with difficult customers, and negotiating effectively in the sales environment.

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