ISSCM PhD students hold strong presence at AMCIS

Congratulations to the following ISSCM PhD students for their strong presence at the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) in Chicago on August 15-17:

Qian, R.
Sahasrabudhe, S.
Wall, J. D.
Modaresnezhad, M.
Albert, C.
Heath, D.
Oakley, R.
Wall, J.

For a list of papers and co-authors,

Qian, R. and Palvia, P. “Towards an Understanding of Cloud Computing’s Impact on Organizational IT Strategy.”
Sahasrabudhe, S. and Palvia, P. “Challenges of Blind Students and IT-Based Mitigation Strategies.”
Wall, J. D. and Palvia, P. “Control-Related Motivations and Information Security Policy Compliance: The Effect of Reflective and Reactive Autonomy.”
Modaresnezhad, M. and Palvia, P. “The Efficacy of IS Security and Privacy Governance Structures.”
Albert, C. and Salam, A.F. “Critical Discourse Analysis: Toward Theories in Social Media.”
Heath, D. and Singh, R. “Organizational Engagement in Social Media to Motivate Strategic Directed Action: A Revelatory Case.”
Oakley, R., Salam, A.F, and Iyer, L. “Examining the Affordances and Constraints of Organization-ICT Practices in Addressing Complex Social Problems.”
Modaresnezhad, M., Iyer, L. and Nemati, H. “Examining Personal Information Privacy-Protective Responses (IPPR) with the Use of Smart Devices.”
Wall, J., Iyer, L. and Salam, A.F. “Are Conceptualizations of Employee Compliance and Noncompliance in Information Security Research Adequate? Developing Taxonomies of Compliance and Noncompliance.”
Modaresnezhad, M. and Nemati, H. “Participatory sensing or sensing of participation.”