Dr. Palvia Publishes “Measuring Value Dimensions of IT Occupational Culture: an exploratory analysis” in Springer

ISSCM professor Dr. Prashant Palvia’s publication appears in Springer Science+Business Media entitled, Measuring value dimensions of IT occupational culture:  an exploratory analysis


Culture in information systems (IS) research has been an important area of study for over twenty-five years but has focused on two levels of analysis: national and organizational. However, research at the level of IT occupational culture has been minimal. Shared values are the core element of any cultural group and the IS literature has repeatedly called for measurable dimensions of IT culture. This study is an exploratory positivist investigation into scale creation and proposes a set of six value dimensions specific to the context of IT occupational culture based on a review of the relevant IS literature culture as well as interviews with IT professionals. These six dimensions are: Structure of Power, Control, Open Communication, Risk, Reverence for Knowledge, and Enjoyment (abbreviated as SCORRE). A preliminary instrument was prepared and tested with an empirical study. The instrument was found to have both high reliability and construct validity and is ready for further use in ongoing research. There was further evidence that SCORRE represents many core values that form the foundation of IT occupational culture.