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careers in isscmInformation Systems and Supply Chain Management is the study of computer technology and automation applied to information systems and management decision making.

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30% increase in IT Jobs (2008-18): Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Fields Career Ideas Work Settings
Accounting Applications Programmer Accounting Firms
Manufacturing & Scheduling Business Process Analyst Banks
Inventory Management Consulting Trainee Computer Firms
Marketing & Retailing Customer Support Representative Consulting Firms
Finance Database Manager/Specialist Data Processing Service Firms
Travel End-User Support Specialist Distribution Firms
Databases/Libraries Enterprise Resources Planning Analyst Educational Institutions
E-business Information Center Specialist Government (Local, State, Federal)
Education Intermediate Programmer Analyst Hospitals
Computer Operations Inventory manager Hotels/Tourism
Documentation LAN Administrator/Specialist Insurance Companies
Supply Chain Management Materials Planner Internet Businesses
Telecommunications Network Administrator Libraries
Security & Audit Office Systems Analyst Manufacturers
Consulting PC Coordinator Non-Profit Organizations
Production Scheduler Public/Private Business
Programmer/Analyst Retail Stores
Project Leader Software Development Firms
Purchasing Specialist Telecommunications
SAP Analyst
Senior Systems Documentarian
Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Supply Chain Specialist
Systems Programmer/Analyst
Technical Security Specialist
Trainer (Microcomputers/Systems)
Transportation Analyst
Web Developer