PhD in Information Systems

phdThe PhD in Information Systems (IS) at UNC Greensboro is an innovative, research-oriented doctoral program designed to prepare students primarily for careers as members of faculty in academic IS units and secondarily as professionals in non-academic research and professional organizations. The program focuses on developing traditional technical and empirical research skills and is also characterized by four distinctive elements that enhance the traditional model:

  • a commitment to practical relevance
  • an emphasis on producing quality teachers
  • a research apprenticeship requirement
  • interdisciplinary research

In addition, interested students can enhance their studies with an emphasis in global information technology.

Program Objectives

  • Provide training in basic and advanced information systems theory and practice so that students master the technical and conceptual tools needed for conducting high-quality IS research.
  • Provide advanced, specialized training in a number of IS disciplines such as enterprise resource planning, global information technology, information resource management, artificial intelligence, data mining, data warehousing, e-commerce, knowledge management and supply chain management so that students acquire expertise that can be applied in a wide range of academic, government and private sector environments.
  • Afford structured and supervised research experiences so that students develop the technical, conceptual and communication skills that are required to conduct high-quality, independent research.
  • Provide instructional development so that students will be effective teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the program take?
The program is primarily for full-time students. A full-time student is expected to complete the degree in four years. All requirements for the PhD must be completed within seven academic years from the date of the first enrollment for study following admission to the doctoral program. For transfer students, the seven-year time limit commences during the semester in which transfer credit was earned.

What kind of background do I need?
The PhD program is available to students with master’s degrees in appropriate areas such as business, computer science, public administration, engineering, or the social sciences. Students without masters’ degree in business will need to take additional courses to establish an understanding of business processes.

What topics do the courses cover?
The coursework for the degree consists of advanced courses in IS, specialized research-oriented courses in IS, courses in other areas of the Bryan School, courses in research methodology, and college teaching courses offered in collaboration with the School of Education and the Department of Psychology.

What is the general plan of study for the program?
The coursework will be followed by a comprehensive examination, after which the student becomes a candidate for the doctoral degree. The student will then present and defend a detailed dissertation proposal to a doctoral committee. Upon successful defense of the dissertation proposal, the student will work towards completing the dissertation. The PhD degree will be awarded after successful defense of the dissertation before the doctoral committee.

What kind of financial aid can I receive?
Full-time students will be awarded a tuition waiver and a graduate assistantship requiring 20 hours of work per week. The assistantship requires the student to work on teaching- and research- related activities.

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