Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have a question about the program?
When can a person start the program?
How long will it take to complete the program?
Is the program open to full-time students?
When will classes be held and how long are the classes?
What is the capacity of the program?
Do I have to resubmit all materials if I was previously admitted to a UNCG Graduate Program?
Can courses taken in the UNCG MBA program satisfy MSITM program requirements?
Do I have to wait until I receive my GMAT score to apply?
Will MSITM students be expected to have personal computers?
When are the deadlines for registration completion?
Do I need GMAT test scores
Do I have to have IT background to apply?
What is required for Admission?
What are the admissions criteria?
Who can give me the letters of recommendation?
What is the application process?
What is the admission process?
What is the minimum course requirement for enrollment?
Is there financial aid available?
What is the Cost?
Is a thesis or comprehensive examination required?
Does the program include a concentration or emphasis?
Is the program accredited?
Does the MSITM offer job placement assistance?
What is the average GMAT and Undergraduate GPA for the MSITM program?
If I have completed graduate work elsewhere will it count towards my MSITM?
Why do I need an evaluation of my international transcript?
Can international students be admitted to Certificate Programs?