About Us

Our mission is to create and disseminate knowledge through research, experiential education, and service, by:

  • equipping students with relevant knowledge and skills to participate, communicate, and compete successfully in 21st century global society and economy,
  • preparing students to use innovation to achieve the triple bottom line of economic viability (profit), social responsibility (people), and environmental protection (planet),
  • preparing students to contribute positively to the betterment of society and the environment,
  • helping to develop sustainable and innovative businesses,
  • producing and disseminating high-quality scholarship that responds to timely and relevant social, cultural, economic, and environmental domains, and
  • utilizing skills and expertise of faculty and students in collaboration with community partners for the benefit of UNCG, the Bryan School of Business and Economics, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, the tourism and hospitality sectors, and the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the local and global community.

Our mission is well aligned with the direction of marketing, entrepreneurship, hospitality, and tourism sectors; the focus, vision, and mission of the Bryan School of Business and Economics; and UNCG’s 2009-2014 Strategic Plan, which refers to the importance of “sustainability in academics, operations, and outreach to be conducted with careful attention to the enduring interconnectedness of social equity, the environment, the economy, and aesthetics.”

Our vision is to be a leader in marketing, entrepreneurship, hospitality, tourism, and business communication education that is recognized for our innovative and dynamic curriculum and multidisciplinary faculty and scholarship.

Our history starts back in 2010, when UNCG went through a restructuring process, which involved moving the Hospitality and Tourism Management program out of the Department of Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality and School of Health and Human Performance, into the Bryan School of Business and Economics. The HTM program has been part of the Bryan School since July 2011. The following year, the Bryan School engaged in departmental restructuring that involved splitting the Department of Business Administration into two units.

Effective July 2012, the Marketing and Entrepreneurship programs were joined with Business Communications and the HTM program under the new name of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, and Tourism. The Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, International Business, and Strategy programs were united under the newly established Department of Management