Dr. Dianne Welsh receives Best Paper Award at GIKA

Dr. Dianne H.B. Welsh (Bryan School) received the Best Paper Award with her co-authors at the Global Innovation & Knowledge Academy (GIKA) conference in Portugal in June. Approximately 500 attended the conference. This paper will be published in the Journal of Business Research. The paper is titled “Determinants of women entrepreneurs’ firm performance in a challenging environment: evidence from Egypt.” Welsh is Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Program director.

Dr. Dianne Welsh Received New Funding from the Coleman Foundation

Dr. Dianne Welsh (Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism) received new funding from the Coleman Foundation for “Coleman Foundation Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows.” The Coleman Entrepreneurship Fellows program supports the ongoing Cross-Disciplinary Entrepreneurship Program at UNCG with 40-plus courses in 26 departments and programs across campus. The program includes the Coleman Entrepreneur in Residence that works with faculty, staff and students across campus in classes and with their business ideas to bring ideas to actions through course preparation.

Welsh is the Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and the director of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program. She is a globally known scholar in international franchising, family business, and entrepreneurship with over 150 publications.

Dr. James Boles receives New Funding from SBTDC

Dr. James Boles (Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism) received new funding from the North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center for the project “New SBA Federal Funding for the CY 2017 Program Year.” This project is supported by funds from the U.S. Small Business Administration. The grant will be used to support travel to conferences related to entrepreneurship.

Boles completed a master’s in Educational Administration and a master’s in Business Administration at the University of West Florida. He has a PhD in Business Administration from Louisiana State University. He is department head of the Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, and Tourism Department and director of the North Carolina Sales Institute in the Bryan School of Business and Economics.

Congratulations to Dr. Jiyoung Hwang!

Congratulations to Dr. Jiyoung Hwang, Assistant Professor of Marketing for receiving the UNCG Junior Research Excellence Award and Junior Teaching Excellence Award for 2016-17!  This is the first time that a faculty member has won both awards at the same time.

Dr. Nicholas Williamson receives the Long Leaf Pine award!

Congratulations to Dr. Nicholas Williamson, who will retire at the end of this semester after over 30 years with the Bryan School and who was presented with The Order of the Long Leaf Pine, one of the most prestigious awards presented by the Governor of North Carolina.

Assistant Professor Esra Memili Featured on “WalletHub”

What are the biggest challenges faced by Hispanic entrepreneurs? Assistant Professor Esra Memili shared some of her findings in a recent article on WalletHub’s article, 2017’s Best Cities for Hispanic Entrepreneurs.

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Feasibility Study Wins Small Business Institute Project of the Year

The Oden’s idea to open a tap room within walking distance of a college campus does not sound like an idea that would require analysis. But, as students in Dr. Dianne Welsh’s Entrepreneurship/Business 300 class learned, even the best ideas do not automatically mean an opportunity exists for a successful business.

“What we know is there are a lot of good ideas, but not all good ideas are opportunities. If a business does a feasibility study and a business plan, the chances of the business succeeding are 60% higher,” said Dr. Welsh.

In fact, the team’s work garnered a national award from The Small Business Institute at their annual conference in February 2017. “This is the only award of its kind in the United States,” Dr. Welsh said. “Judges come from all over the country.” Impressively, UNCG has had winners or placements in the competition every year since 2009. There are three categories for submission: comprehensive, specialized, and feasibility/business plan.

A group gathers at the Small Business Institute conference.

In Dr. Welsh’s class, students chose their project after hearing presentations from potential businesses. Bill Oden and his son, Kellam, brought PowerPoint slides to the class describing the business concept, and outlined their needs for the feasibility study. After the presentations, teams formed around the business proposals. “Our team just sort of migrated together into the brewery group. It was interesting and exciting to work with the opportunities of a real business,” said Randy Roof, one of the four students who formed the team. “It was more about seeing how far we could open this door and truly help create this real live business idea. It was our challenge.”

The Oden Bros. Brewing Company concept is not a unique one in Greensboro, but their site location distinguishes them from competitors. There are already four brew pubs located in the city limits. After making site visits to the other four brew pubs, the team found positives and negatives for each and discovered that none of these competitors were as accessible to UNCG students and residents of the nearby neighborhood, Glenwood, as the Oden Bros. Brewing Company site. They evaluated other factors such as price of a pint of beer, available parking on site, and market penetration.

In February 2018, customers will get their first taste of the product and experience at Oden Bros. Brewing Company. The brew pub will focus on a customer experience that includes not only beer, but wine, coffee, snacks, and a laid-back atmosphere where children and pets are welcome.

Dr. Welsh believes that the diversity of the project team contributed to their success. The team included a non-traditional student and an international student, as well as white, Hispanic, and African-American perspectives. The diversity of the four students, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Randy Roof, Amani Duke, and Kristoffer Holm, “gave us better opportunities,” Randy Roof said.  “We had access to knowledge about topics such as the bar scene, finances, research, English/grammar proficiencies, history, technology, cultures, and more. These abilities gave us traction and we had the ability to plan and take action quickly.”

Through extensive research and analysis, the team prepared operating costs and revenue projections for the first three years of operations. This section of the report heavily informed the business plan Bill Oden created.

“We incorporated a lot of the team’s work into our initial attempts at a business plan. The students were smart, and did a wonderful job.” – Bill Oden.

Team member Guadalupe Rodriguez said, “This (Entrepreneurship/Business 300) was the most helpful class here at UNCG in terms of learning things I can apply to the outside world. I will be able to do a feasibility study to start my own business someday.” First, however, Rodriguez will do something Dr. Welsh points out that 99% of students do after taking classes in an entrepreneurship curriculum—work for a start-up. Guadalupe plans to take the skills she learned while completing the feasibility study and help her own family’s business, an independent grocery in North Carolina.

Congratulations to Dr. Erick Byrd!

Dr. Erick Byrd  (Marketing) received continued funding from  the City of Greensboro Area Convention and for the project “Greensboro Tourism Leisure and Conversion Market Segment Study.”

Tourism is a major contributor to the overall economy in Greensboro with an estimated economic impact of $1.2 billion in 2013. The tourism industry is directly accountable for 12,450 jobs in Guilford County.

The purpose of the project is to gain a better understanding of two vital markets to the Greensboro tourism industry: the Leisure market and the Conference market, with the Conference market being made up of two groups – conference planners and conference delegates (attendees).

Dr. Dianne Welsh new SBI Fellow

Dr. Dianne Welsh, Hayes Distinguished Professor in Entrepreneurship, was inducted as a Fellow in the Small Business Institute (SBI) at the annual meeting February 16.

In an additional piece of news from the meeting, Randy Roof, Kristoffer Holm, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Joe Rotondi and Amani Duke, students in the ENT/BUS 300 Feasibility Analysis class at UNCG, won First place nationally for their feasibility analysis plan of Oden Brothers Brewery. Dianne Welsh is the Project Director and SBI Director for the project.

Bryan Stories: ArtBarks

Students in ENT/BUS 206 and ENT/BUS 300 did course consulting projects for ArcBarks to gain hands-on experience in the areas of feasibility analysis, inventory control, marketing, social media, online sales.

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