BS in Marketing

Bachelors of Science in Marketing

Drawing on the unique breadth of faculty members’ industry experiences, students are taught the art and science of global marketing through experiential and hands-on learning. Value-added skills are developed through courses, such as International Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Promotions Management, Retailing, and Sales Management. Our graduates become highly skilled creative and ethical marketers as well as assets invaluable to any organization’s success.

become innovative and responsible marketers

Hands-on Experiences in Marketing:

  • Principles of Marketing (MKT 320) students learn effective and strategic decision-making through practice using Marketing Simulation, which culminates in a bi-annual Marketing Challenge sponsored by BB&T Bank of North Carolina. Students compete for monetary prizes and interact in a Q&A with BB&T managers.
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing (MKT/ENT 403) focuses on marketing strategy, planning, and tactics for entrepreneurial firms in “real world” situations. Entrepreneurial firms serve as clients for student consulting teams.
  • International Marketing (MKT 426) uses experiential learning to gain perspective on issues in international marketing. Through a comprehensive team-based project Export Odyssey, students gain a global marketing outlook, access electronic databases to create and implement strategic initiatives to build marketplace awareness of products, and formulate and facilitate transactional exchanges with domestic and international companies.
  • Personal Selling Internship (MKT/ENT 427) involves a minimum of 100 hours planned work experience in an organization with a personal sales force. Instructors provide or must approve placement in advance.
  • Advanced Marketing Management (MKT 429) involves advanced analysis and decision-making techniques in marketing with a strategic view. There is a major group project that involves working with organizations to develop and present an actual marketing plan. Through Marketing Consulting, students provide innovative solutions for brand creation and extension to local and national companies, through brand audits and the development of implementable marketing plans. Practical knowledge and problem solving skills are gained through this unique project experience.
  • Marketing Internship (MKT 450) revolves around a planned work experience in a marketing firm or the marketing department of a business/organization. Students participate in internships with local commercial, government, and non-profit organizations.

Additional information regarding the bachelor’s degree in marketing is available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.