“No Hassle”–a Bryan student established his own business upon graduation.

photoCarl Anthony was a student of the Bryan school and he is a student who has a “classic” entrepreneur’s personality. In 2012, Carl graduated and went off into the business world kicking off his clothing line “NoHassle”. He and his partners have developed an on-line business model, found suppliers from around the world, created a logistics process to fill orders as received, and are off and running!

This is a great example of what we’re trying to accomplish with the class and the Entrepreneurship program in general. Therefore, we had an interview with him as follows:

(1)  How do you think the learning experience at UNCG helped you in doing your business?

CA: Ironically, No Hassle originally began as my project for Joesph Erba’s Campus Entrepreneurship course. I recommend this course to any student who has aspirations of launching their own business. In a lot ways that curriculum organized my thoughts to execute a plan of action towards a successful start. I believe UNCG offers a rather unique learning experience. It enabled me to grow as an individual and businessman within the liberal campus environment mixed with the professionalism of the Bryan Business School. The diversity in the classroom and socially was a major influence in how we market and create product line at No Hassle & Company. It challenged me to focus on reaching people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds with No Hassle branding.

(2)  Have you gotten any assistance from the school during the process of launching the business? How does it help?

CA: As an associate of the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurs, No Hassle is excited to be an active participate in the Advance Marketing Management Project (MKT 429) this Spring 2013 semester. I’m proud to see the Bryan School and Dr. Lew Brown support No Hassle with this opportunity in a relatively early stage of development. The energy has been great, I feel the students are fully engaged and it has already positively impacted our marketing strategy. Within the first week our group of seniors has brought forth excellent input and recommendations for areas of improvement.

(3) Do you have any advice for those students who want to be entrepreneur (to launch their own businesses) after graduation?

In the “real world” potential isn’t really worth anything. Be confident in your ability, the time is always right now. In most cases, success won’t happen overnight but if you can align goals in steps there is so much opportunity to launch a venture of your own. Figure out what your truest passion is for (what do YOU love to do?), evaluate your circumstances, resources, and dreams then prepare to make it happen. Seek consultation from successful professionals within a similar business arena. Use their knowledge/experience to build toward what you are trying to achieve within your personal business model. I believe in the quote: “You are only at your best when you’re doing what you love.” I encourage everyone to chase the dream first, at least give yourself that chance to win.

(4) Could you please talk a little bit about your current business (its progress, for instance)

No Hassle started locally in the Downtown Greensboro area as a web-based company. The first samples were released in late March of 2012. In the past 10 months the Hassle Free movement has seen substantial growth and notoriety. In October No Hassle & Co. was selected as a brand to be vended via Kazbah.com, the up-and-coming brands sector of the #1 Streetwear site worldwide – Karmaloop.com. Numbers show the online powerhouse KL receives over 5 million visitors per month. This was a great step in the right direction as a company striving to establish a global presence. Even with these advances I like to refer to No Hassle as somewhat of a “roller coaster” at this point having offered collections including a range of products from tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, to denim MacBook covers. We are now focused on minimizing our product line and perfecting an exciting trend in fashion the Original No Hassle Pocket Baseball pants this spring. No Hassle’s most recent release the “Archetype Collection” featured our first hand-made footwear package in collaboration with partner company Labelous Cloth of Jakarta, Indonesia. We are committed to becoming amongst the best in brands offering premium quality hand-made footwear as well.

Carl’s now located his business at the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship in Greensboro (a great partner of ours) and is working with another professor in the Bryan School, Dr. Lew Brown.

Should you have interest, please also visit the website www.NoHassle.biz for further understanding Carl’s business.