X-CULTURE: Get ready to ride the waves of globalization.


The workplace is going global. Working in a multi-cultural environment with much of your workgroup dispersed around the world can be challenging and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be! With proper training and experience, going global can be exciting and rewarding, both economically and personally. Participants are expected to work on a project together with people from all around the world in global virtual teams and learn the best practices of cross-cultural collaboration through personal experience.

Students in International Business / International Management courses at universities around the world work together in teams of 6-7 for about 8 weeks on a business proposal/plan for a large multinational company. About 45 universities in 30 countries on 6 continents participate in a given semester. The project constitutes 20-30 percent of the course grade. All students are offered free on-line training on the availability and use of free on-line collaboration tools. Data on team member background, team dynamics and performance are analyzed and used to enhance student learning, and for research purposes. Upon completion of the project, students and instructors receive Achievement Certificates. All necessary materials and infrastructure are provided. Participation in the project is completely free. Research and scholarly publications are an important part of the project. Click and explore more information about the X-Culture project.

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