Mobius SLIP (Social Learning Information Platform)


In the midst of ever-increasing class sizes and workloads, how can professors maintain academic rigor without adding administrative workload? Is this possible? How can professors meet the educational needs of advancing critical thinking, creativity and communication skills for this internet generation?The solution is Mobius. Mobius SLIP, Social Learning Information Platform, was created by college professors for college professors to facilitate complex assignments to enhance the lives of educators and learners.

This Student Guide will help you navigate this Social Learning Information Platform designed to promote creativity, critical thinking and communication competencies among students. It challenges the notion that only instructors are the sole producers and evaluators of knowledge. Instead, Mobius SLIP™ is an environment where creative ideas, innovations and collegial discourse can flourish. Like other social networks, it relies on complex meritocracy where peer assessment determines relative value of contributions. We are confident that, in addition to learning from your instructor, Mobius SLIP™ will help you learn from each other in a safe collaborative environment.

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