Our Research

Our research is designed to discover the key drivers of a best in-class sales force.  We seek to: help organizations develop innovative processes, hone salesperson influencing skills, improve negotiation effectiveness, and provide sales leaders with tools that create and sustain a competitive advantage within the sales force.

Research Opportunities

  1. Assessment of Recruiting and Selection Effectiveness
  2. Shorting the Sales Cycle: Industry Specific
  3. Salesperson Negotiation Skills
  4. Sales Training Effectiveness
  5. Sales Force Turnover and Retention
  6. National and Key Account Management
  7. Sales Management Effectiveness
  8. Interface between Sales and Other Business Functions
  9. Measuring and Monitoring Team Selling Effectiveness
  10. Buyer/Seller Relationships: Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  11. Sales Management, Analysis, Forecasting, Leading, Planning, Strategy
  12. 360° perspective on Sales Process and Function, External and Internal

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