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Curriculum Requirements

The online Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Information Technology Management consists of a minimum of 12 semester hours but may not exceed 15 semester hours. Students should demonstrate sufficient proficiency in basic PC skills. Program website will have information regarding basic proficiency skills required of students.

Required Courses (9 hours):
ISM 671: Data Management (3 credit hours)(Asynchronous Online-AO)
ISM 680: Healthcare IT Management (3 credit hours)(AO)
ISM 681: Decision Making in Healthcare (3 credit hours) (AO)

Electives (3-6 hours) - Select courses from the following or other approved electives:

ISM 673: Networks and Telecommunications (3 credit hours)(AO)
ISM 675: Business Analytics (3 credit hours)(AO)
ISM 676: Information Security and Privacy (3 credit hours)(AO)
NUR 614: Information Technology in Nursing Service Administration (3 credit hours) (AO)
HEA651: Advanced Health Promotion in Higher Education (3 credit hours) (AO)