Business Administration
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Course Descriptions

ISM 671. Data Management (3:3).

Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG.
Fundamental concepts of database management systems, including database design, implementation, and the use of the SQL query language. View Video

ISM 672. Web Programming (3:3).

Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG.
Apply fundamental programming concepts in designing and implementing applications for the Web. This course provides students the necessary foundations for developing Web Applications. View Video

ISM 673. Telecommunications and Distributed Networks (3:3).

Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG.
Technology related to internal and external network/telecommunication services. Managerial and business issues related to the identification, acquisition, and management of network/telecommunications services in the contemporary enterprise. View Video

ISM 674: Systems Analysis and Design (3:3).

Pre: Admission to MSITM Program.
Study of Object-Oriented and Structured systems analysis methodologies to design systems that solve organizational problems and meet business objectives. Covers Software engineering and Software quality. Students may not earn credit for both ISM 620/621 and ISM 674. View Video

ISM 675. Business Analytics (3:3).

Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG.
Business Analytics is an interactive process of analyzing and exploring enterprise data to find valuable insights that can be exploited for competitive advantage. IT capabilities and infrastructure needed are discussed. View Video

ISM 676. Information Security and Privacy (3:3).

Pre: ISM 673 or Permission of MSITM program director and admission to a Bryan School graduate program.
Study of the technical, formal and informal controls to provide systems security and information privacy for organizations. Includes security analysis of technology and organizational systems for information assurance. Students may not earn credit for both ISM 625/626 and ISM 676. View Video

ISM 677: Information Systems Management (3:3).

Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG.
Examine the role of information technology to improve processes and business performance. Analyze the interaction of business strategies, work processes, competitive markets, technology and people for effective IT management. View Video

ISM 678 Project Management (3:3).

Pre: Admission to MSITM Program or MBA 701
Modern methods of defining, planning and executing large IT and other projects. Computer software and network modeling are used to support the efficient scheduling of interdependent activities. Students may not earn credit for both ISM 654 and ISM 678. View Video

ISM 679: Special Topics in Information Systems (3:3).

Pre:Prerequisite can vary based on special topics course offered during the semester (see sample syllabus)
Special topics in information systems, technology, and management. May be repeated for credit when topic varies. View Video

ISM 680: Healthcare Information Technology Management (3:3).

Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG
Introduces management competencies for computer technology related to healthcare data and the tools and techniques for collecting, storing, and retrieving, and reporting health care data. View Video

ISM 681: Healthcare Decision Making for IT Managers (3:3).

Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG
The course focuses on learning and applying qualitative and quantitative techniques for decision-making related to Health Information Technology. In addition, methods for implementing HIT decisions using evidence-based materials are covered. View Video

ISM 698: Project in Information Technology (3:3).

Pre: Completion of at least 18 credit hours required for MSITM
A capstone experience in which the student would demonstrate a broad knowledge of the material covered in the MSITM curricula by undertaking a project approved in consultation with MSITM Director. View Video

ISM 699: Thesis (1-6).

Pre: Admission to appropriate degree program or permission of program director
The thesis is an independent, theory-based inquiry in which a student applies knowledge and skills acquired to the scholarly study of Information Technology and Management. View Video