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MSITM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who do I contact if I have a question about the program?
If you have any questions about the program, you should contact:

MSITM Program Director
ISOM Department, UNCG, PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Voice: 336.334.5666
Fax: 336.334.4083


When can a person start the program?

The Program is planned so that each Fall or Spring admitted students can begin the required core level sequence. No required course is offered in summer but some business foundation courses will be available for those without the required background. Students will not be recommended to begin elective classes in Summer and if no appropriate courses can be found, they will be recommended to defer their admission to Fall semester.


How long will it take to complete the program?

By taking 6 credit hours per semester, students can complete the required 24 hour core sequence in four semesters. Courses that qualify as approved electives may be taken during regular semester or summer terms, thus enabling a student to complete the entire program in 2 calendar years once the core level classes are begun. Core level required courses will not be taught during the summer session. However it's possible to finish the courses in 12 month by taking more hours.


Is the program open to full-time students?

The program is designed to accommodate both full-time and part-time students. Some graduate assistantships and fellowships are available to support full-time students. Limited tuition waivers may be available based on funding situation.


When will classes be held and how long are the classes?

All MSITM classes will be offered online only beginning Fall 2011. Each core level course will be taught once each year. Thus, students who wish to complete the program in a timely manner will need enroll in courses the particular semester they are offered. Foundation level courses will be offered on a more frequent basis but will also be taught Face-to-Face or online.


What is the capacity of the program?

Due to capacity constraints, a limit of 40 students may begin the core course sequence each term. Students may enter the program in the fall, spring, or summer terms. It may be necessary to deny immediate admission to some persons who might otherwise meet admission standards because of capacity limits. Such persons will be encouraged to apply for admission at a future time (or their admission can be deferred up to one academic year).


Do I have to resubmit all materials if I was previously admitted to a UNCG Graduate Program?

Generally, students who were admitted to a UNCG graduate program in the recent past or who earned a graduate degree at UNCG must submit a new application and any additional materials that were not required for the previous program. Applicants should submit test scores in the recent five years, updated transcripts, and/or letters of recommendation if the previous application is unavailable or outdated. Questions regarding old applications should be addressed to the MSITM Program Director. Also, students are required to pay new application fees.


Can courses taken in the UNCG MBA program satisfy MSITM program requirements?

The twenty-four hours of core level course work may not include any course used to satisfy the requirements of a previously awarded degree. Specific credit for courses taken in other graduate programs will be considered on a case by case basis.


Do I have to wait until I receive my GMAT score to apply?

No. You should submit your application and other materials as soon as possible so that your application can be considered at the earliest possible time. However, an admission decision will not be made until all application materials have been received.


Will MSITM students be expected to have personal computers?

Since all MSITM courses are online each student must have access to a personal computer and have reliable internet connections in order to access course materials and complete required activities.


When are the deadlines for registration completion?

Because of processing requirements, an admission decision cannot be guaranteed unless all credentials are received by the deadlines. MSITM follows the graduate school deadlines:

  • For Fall admission, applications are due by July 1
  • For Spring admission, applications are due by October 1
  • For Summer admission, applications are due by April 1

International students must follow these deadlines:

  • For Fall admission, applications are due by May 15
  • For Spring admission, applications are due by September 15
  • For Summer admission, applications are due by February 15
Deadlines may be extended one month if the prospective international student is already in the U.S.

Do I need GMAT test scores?

GMAT (or GRE) taken within the last 5 years is required.


Do I have to have IT background to apply?

This program is open to all students, students without IT/IS backgrounds will be provided some materials to get caught up with the required background.


Who can give me the letters of recommendation?

Good candidates for reference writers can either be professors or employers (or co-workers). A letter from a professor shows that faculty is behind you and considers you to be Graduate School material. Choose someone who knows you and your accomplishments, and who will write a good and not a neutral reference. Letters from employers should include the aptitudes that qualify you for that particular field of study.


What is the application process?

  • Completion of the application
  • Application Fee payment
  • Uploading of the required documents for admission

What is the admission process?

Once all credentials are received, a copy of the completed materials and applications are sent to the department, along with notification that the application is ready for review. If the department recommends that you be admitted into the program, the Assistant Dean of The Graduate School will conduct a final review of your materials, and will make the final determination of eligibility. Once accepted, you will be notified by The Graduate School with a written letter offering you admittance to the program.


What is the minimum course requirement for enrollment?

  • The admitted students should enroll in at least one course for each semester.
  • International students should enroll in at least six courses (or 9 credit hours) to maintain their student visa status.

Is there financial aid available?

Financial support for graduate students is offered in the form of University fellowships, departmental assistantships, scholarships, and other awards through federal, state, and private grants; veterans' benefits; student loans; resident assistantships (RAs); campus recreation assistantships; and hourly paid campus jobs. For further information refer to the Graduate School Bulletin.


What is the Cost?

The fee schedule is maintained by the Cashier and Student Accounts Office and can be found at

A health service fee is required if living on campus regardless of hours and is optional for all others registered for fewer than nine hours. See the Student Handbook for additional information regarding other fees and activities.


What is required for Admission?

  • Completed online application (online fee payment required).
  • Official transcript from every college and university you have attended. You may send an unofficial transcript followed by the official transcript not less than 30 days prior to the day you enroll.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Residency statement (if you are claiming North Carolina residency).
  • Official GMAT or GRE test scores taken in the recent five years.
  • TOEFL scores (for international students )
  • A personal statement outlining personal goals, IT knowledge, and work experience. It should be about one page and single spaced.
  • In addition, you may include a résumé to highlight work experience.

What are the admissions criteria?

Admissions are based on a weighted average of your GMAT score and undergraduate GPA, letters of Recommendation, personal statement, and other relevant factors such as demonstrated leadership skills and work experience.


Is a thesis or comprehensive examination required?

There is no comprehensive exams, however beginning fall 2011 students can choose either a thesis (which accounts for 6 credit hours) or a non-thesis option (capstone project for 3 credit hours and an elective course(s) for 3 hours).


Does the program include a concentration or emphasis?

Program does not have any concentration or emphasis, however the choice of elective courses offered in online post-baccalaureate in supply chain management can create such emphasis.


Is the program accredited?

The Bryan School is among the top 10% of business schools nationwide that have been recognized by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business for the achievement of high quality.


Does the MSITM offer job placement assistance?

Bryn Career Services would help MSITM students to be more effective and successful in reaching their career goals.


What is the average GMAT and Undergraduate GPA for the MSITM program?

Based on our admission records, we like to maintain the GMAT average of 550. If a student has taken GRE we use the verbal and quantitative sections to calculate the estimated GMAT score. If a student's score is below 550, then the admissions committee will look at the overall portfolio (undergraduate GPA, work experience, etc..) to determine if the student can be admitted provisionally.


If I have completed graduate work elsewhere will it count towards my MSITM?

Up to 6 hours of graduate coursework taken elsewhere may be counted toward the degree. The courses must carry a grade of B or better and they must have been taken at a 4 year accredited college or university, within the last 5 years.