Post Masters Certificate in Information Technology
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Course Descriptions

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ISM 671. Data Management Tools (3:3).
Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG.
Fundamental concepts of database management systems, including database design, implementation, and the use of the SQL query language.

ISM 672. Web Programming (3:3).
Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG.
Apply fundamental programming concepts in designing and implementing applications for the Web. This course provides students the necessary foundations for developing Web Applications.

ISM 673. Telecommunications and Networks (3:3).
Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG.
Technology related to internal and external network/telecommunication services. Managerial and business issues related to the identification, acquisition, and management of network/telecommunications services in the contemporary enterprise.

ISM 674: Systems Analysis and Design (3:3).
Pre: Admission to MSITM Program.
Study of systems analysis and structured methodologies to create conceptual blueprints of systems and their processes using systems design principles. Covers principles of software engineering, testing and software quality.

ISM 675. Business Analytics (3:3).
Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG.
Business Analytic is an interactive process of analyzing and exploring enterprise data to find valuable insights that can be exploited for competitive advantage. IT capabilities and infrastructure needed are discussed.

ISM 676. Information Security and Privacy (3:3).
Pre: ISM 673 or Permission of MSITM program director and admission to a Bryan School graduate program.
Study of the technical, managerial and organizational issues in systems security, including systems security models, analysis of business process and technology for systems security and information assurance.

ISM 679: Mobile Application Development and Management (3:3).
Pre: ISM 672
Apply mobile application development and management concepts in designing and implementing mobile applications. Analyze both management and technology related issues in the context of developing mobile applications for business.

ISM 680: Healthcare Information Technology Management (3:3).
Pre: Admission to any graduate program at UNCG
Introduces management competencies for computer technology related to healthcare data and the tools and techniques for collecting, storing, and retrieving, and reporting health care data.

SCM 601: Introduction to Supply Chain Management
On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the three main phases of supply chain management – sourcing, production, and distribution
  • Discuss the strategic role of supply chain management in the attainment of organizational goals
  • Describe the important factors in supplier selection, maintenance and evaluation
  • Describe the importance of collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment systems in supply chain management
  • Analyze different forecasting methods for demand and production planning
  • Explain the concepts of distribution management covering requirements planning, warehousing, location, packaging, and transportation
  • Identify and analyze performance measures for effective supply chain management
  • Identify future trends in supply chain management

SCM 602: Supply Chain Design & Cost Issues
On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Perform supplier cost analysis
  • Perform supplier price analysis and distinguish that from supplier cost analysis
  • Perform total cost of ownership analysis
  • Discuss the role of purchasing and target costing in supply chain management
  • Carry out foreign language translations and analyze the impact of stable/fluctuating exchange rates on supply chain cost analysis
  • Describe concepts such as cash-to-cash conversion and cash spin and their role in supply chain cost analysis
  • Analyze the cost implications of outsourcing and off shoring
  • Discuss the impact of lean supply chain techniques on supply chain cost analysis

SCM 606: Logistics in the Supply Chain
On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand methods and tools used by today’s logistics and transportation managers
  • Apply these methodologies to the analysis of various logistical systems
  • Explore different processes & information technologies that deliver customer order fulfillment
  • Recommend specific solutions to improve customer order fulfillment
  • Evaluate different transportation mode alternatives
  • Provide specific recommendations for a series of customer deliveries
  • Evaluate designs for integrated logistics networks