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Curriculum Requirements

The online PBIASP certificate program requires a minimum of 12 credit hours but may not exceed 15 credit hours.

All students are required to complete the following courses (9.0 hrs):

ISM 671: Data Management Tools (3 hrs)
ISM 673: Telecommunications and Networks (3 hrs)
ISM 676: Information Security and Privacy (3 hrs)

Additional hours to complete the program will come from the following or other approved courses (at least 3.0 hrs):

ISM 675: Business Analytics (3 hrs)
ISM 695: Special Topics in Information Systems (3 hrs)
SCM 650 Supply Chain Mgt. Concepts & Principles (3 hrs.)
SCM 651 Transportation, Logistics & Distribution Management (3 hrs.)
SCM 652 Strategic Cost, Design, Procurement and Contracts (3 hrs.)

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