Business Administration
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Online BS in Business Administration Technology Requirements

Internet Connection
It is assumed that all students will be able to access course materials via the Internet at basic DSL or cable modem speeds. Internet access over dial-up and satellite connections may create problems for the student. Persons who will be using dial-up and satellite connections should contact the program to discuss possible issues.

Web Camera and Headphone Set
Some courses will require the student to have and use a web camera and a headphone set to do video conferencing and to make digital presentations via the Internet.

Technology Requirements
To view technology requirements please review the University's IT services

Microsoft Office Documents
All students will be expected to be able to create, open, and use Microsoft Office compatible documents such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations.

Web Browser
A current version of a web browser is required for online courses. Examples of this are Mozilla Firefox 3 (or higher), Internet Explorer 7 (or higher), and Safari 3 (or higher). Persons who have questions about this requirement should contact the program. [Note: All of these web browsers are free.]

Operating System Requirements
Windows XP or better or Mac OS X are required to run and view all online resources of Blackboard and Elluminate.

Other Software
All students should be able to open Flash video clips and Acrobat pdf files. The Flash Player and Acrobat Reader programs which can meet this requirement are available free of charge from the Adobe. These free applications are available at: and

Some courses may utilize the a video conferencing application that requires that Java be installed on the user’s computer. Java is available free from:

UNCG Computer Accounts
All enrolled UNCG students are assigned free UNCG computer accounts that are used to access various campus services. Online students will be expected to use these accounts to access various campus services that are needed for online courses.

Additional Considerations
UNCG is able to offer enrolled students special pricing on selected computers and software. Information about these offerings are available at: