Warm Welcome from Dean Banks

You will find that the Bryan School is deeply committed to helping you grow, develop, and succeed, whether you are a student, faculty member, staff member, alumnus, or businessperson.  For example, I have found it remarkable just how deep the respect for, and pride in, our students is by both our faculty and staff; while abundant in the Bryan School, sad to say it is rare in most colleges and universities.  But this respect and pride is not one-sided; I hear it often from students and alumni about our faculty and staff.  They frequently remark that faculty members know their names, that they are available outside of class for help, that they push their students to achieve at higher and higher levels and help them along that path.  That tells me we have something special happening in the Bryan School.

We are not resting on our laurels, however.

We know that to provide the best education possible for our students, and to ensure that our graduates are prepared to make immediate contributions to the organizations that hire them, we need to be in touch with the needs of business and trends in higher education and build those into our majors and degrees.  To that end we developed a new mission statement that focuses on preparing people to become exceptional problem solvers.  We are building on our excellent history of providing an education rich in globalization and ethics by adding two vital core elements, an innovative mindset and the importance of sustainability in all its dimensions.  We are adding two important experiential elements, hands-on consulting projects and global experiences, as requirements for all undergraduate and graduate students.  Ultimately, we expect our graduates to be the best prepared graduates on the market and to be the leaders who help organizations reinvent themselves over and over again as they respond to global challenges.  Their degree from the Bryan School will help them change the nature of their job interviews from a recitation of courses taken to a discussion of the value they can add to an organization.

Our efforts are not focused exclusively on our undergraduate and graduate students.  We are building strong relationships with organizations in the Triad, throughout North Carolina, in major cities around the U.S., and even around the globe.  These are our constituents for hiring our students as interns and our graduates as employees, but they are also sponsors of students for our undergraduate Online Degree Completion program and our graduate degree and certificate programs.  They are sponsors of employees participating in our Executive Education programs here in Greensboro and in their facilities both here and abroad.  They are sponsors of hands-on consulting projects, and faculty research that helps solve immediate problems.  Ultimately, they will benefit from the approximately 200-300 student consulting projects, and the approximately 900 global experiences, our students will complete annually.

Taken together, we know our actions will have widespread impact.  Our graduates will be even better prepared.  Organizations that partner with us will derive even greater benefit from the relationship.  And the increasing value of the Bryan School degree will reflect even better on our more than 20,000 alumni.

I encourage you to join us as a student, as an organizational partner, or as an alumnus.

-Dean McRae C. Banks