Nov 15

7 Questions with a Spartan: Edgar Hernandez is hitting the ground running

Edgar Hernandez (Business Administration), a member of the class of 2026, has only been at the Bryan School for a few months — but he’s making the most of it.

When he isn’t attending class, Spartan Investment Club meetings, or Men’s Volleyball Club practice, he works as a real estate errand runner for realtor Melissa Greer. It’s a job that came to him after he decided to get more involved in extracurriculars at the Bryan School. Hernandez says a few months ago he was working as a waiter, and his biggest professional challenge since arriving at UNC Greensboro has been adjusting to new environments and soaking up his new experiences.

Even with his busy schedule, Hernandez says he is confident in his decision to attend the Bryan School and put himself out there.

Why did you pick the Bryan School and what do you love most about your area of study?

I picked the Bryan School because I have an idea of what I would like to do as a career and the Bryan School will help me get there. Though I have been here for one semester I am really happy with the growth I have been able to see in myself, with the help of my BUS-115 instructor Steve Scott and team leader Sydney Arnao over the past few months.

What’s exciting about the future of your industry?

There has been a lot of talk of certain companies opening offices here in North Carolina, so I feel like there is a lot of expansion that is going to be happening within the next few years.

What do you personally find most challenging as a student?

The biggest challenge I have faced as a student is being so far away from my parents. My mom received an offer to work overseas, so my parents are living in Italy while I am here in school. Being almost 5,000 miles away from my parents is my greatest hardship but it also drives me since I will be able to see them when the semester is over. My biggest challenge as a professional is adjusting to a more mature work environment compared to my previous job as a waiter.

What should high school or transfer students know if they are interested in your area of study?

There are so many opportunities for growth not only at the Bryan School but at UNCG as well. I didn’t realize how important it is to have people skills and to be able to communicate your perspective.

What is something outside of the class you’re glad you’ve done since arriving at the Bryan School?

Recently I have started recording myself and journaling. I just talk about my day, but I appreciate being able to look back and see exactly what I was doing and how I was feeling.

What additional training, certifications, professional organization memberships, etc. have helped you? What else would you like to accomplish before graduating?

I hope to become Microsoft Excel certified before graduation!

What resources – books, blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. – would you recommend for someone interested in your area of study?

The resources I would recommend using are the Career & Professional Development office and the writing center here at UNCG. The CPD office assisted me with updating my resume and the writing center is a very helpful resource here to help improve your writing skills.