Apr 19

7 Questions with a Spartan: Hannah Bond is in a league of her own

Hannah Bond ’24 (Marketing) isn’t afraid to go for the gold — just check out her resume. Along with attending classes as a full-time student, Hannah serves as a Team Leader and holds leadership positions in two Bryan School clubs: the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Undergraduate Women in Business. Hannah is representing the Bryan School as a member of the National Millennial and Gen Z Community for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Impressive, right? Now, just add an internship with the National Sports Media Association to the mix.

Hannah has been pretty busy making the most of the opportunities provided to her at the Bryan School. Although she’s approaching her senior year, she says she’s confident that those opportunities have given her the tools to succeed post-graduation.

Why did you pick the Bryan School and what do you love most about your major/area of study?

I was immediately drawn to UNCG because of the Bryan School. The biggest aspect that drew me in was the welcoming and encouraging staff. I have yet to experience a staff member who has not wanted the absolute best for me, pushing me to succeed in and out of the classroom. One reason I am so glad that I did pick the Bryan School is the access to the Bryan School Blueprint Series. As a business student taking these courses in the Blueprint Series, I have such an advantage in the job force because I have specifically developed my personal and professional skills.

What’s exciting about the future of your industry?

I want to go into the Sports Media industry, and I would say the most exciting part of the future of the industry is how it is ever-changing. The outlets and ways we share and use media today is going to be different when I enter the job force. There can even be changes in the next month, it is so exciting to adapt to the way we share information.

What do you personally find most challenging as a student and/or professional?

In my personal experience, I find that the most challenging part of being a student is finding a
work/life balance. I want to excel in each class and master the material, while still meeting new
people in and out of the classroom. I have found that this is a common struggle with fellow
classmates, and the solution that I have observed is to make sure that we take care of ourselves
mentally and have a reminder that we are doing our best.

What should high school or transfer students interested in your area of study know?

From my experience, I would tell high school or transfer students to always ask questions and learn as much as they can from industry professionals while in college. Know that the industry changes, and in addition to that know that with Marketing, you are stuck to one job or thing your whole life.

What is something outside of the class you’re glad you’ve done since arriving at the Bryan School?

I applied for the Team Leader Program in the Bryan School and got accepted in the Spring of 2022. That has been the most rewarding experience in my college career. Not only growing in my own personal development but being able to lead other students in theirs, is a gift.

What additional trainings, certifications, professional organization memberships, etc. have helped you professionally and what else would you like to accomplish before graduating?

In the Bryan School I got a Global Collaboration Certificate, which has and will really aid me in my
career. I learned how to work with those who are culturally different than myself, it was a very
rewarding experience. In addition, I am a member of Women in Sports and Events (WISE), which
has, and I know will help me throughout my career. I hope to complete my Microsoft Excel
Certification before I graduate.

What resources – books, blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. – would you recommend for someone interested in your area of study?

Specifically for sports media/marketing I recommend finding the sport that you are really interested in and listening to any podcast, reading any book, and finding any websites you can on that sport. Gain all the knowledge you can. When we really know the ins and outs of the sport, we have a greater ability to share the sport with the consumer.