Feb 28

Alumnus turned lecturer on what it means to develop exceptional problem solvers

John Sanchez ’19 MBA is both an alumnus of and a lecturer and business instructor at UNC Greensboro’s Bryan School of Business and Economics. In this edition of 7 Questions with a Spartan, Sanchez dives into creating relevant, real-world lessons for his courses and what it means to develop exceptional problem solvers.

1. What do you love most about your job?

As an alumnus of UNC Greensboro and the Bryan School MBA program, it’s been a dream come true to have the opportunity to not only give back to future UNCG alumni but to prepare them to perpetuate the legacy of preparing exceptional problem solvers to head out into the world of business!

2. What should students interested in entering your field know?

Higher education has seen a tremendous amount of upheaval and new obstacles in the last few years.

3. What’s exciting about the future of your industry/position?

Professionals in higher education have been tasked not only with keeping up but acting as forerunners in order to continually strive to facilitate our students’ education and to provide extraordinary experiences that will successfully impact our students.

4. What do you personally find most challenging as a professional?

The constant and necessary research that is involved with supplementing a curriculum to create real-world, current, relevant, and meaningful lessons for each business course. Status quo or standardization in higher education business courses does not serve the future business professional intent on truly building their competitive advantage.

5. What is something you did (or wish you had done) in college to prepare for this position?

Thankfully being a student — through a BA, MBA, and now my doctoral program — has prepared me to gain both rich content and the impetus for crafting innovative parameters to designing business courses.

6. What additional training, certifications, professional organization memberships, etc. have helped you professionally?

The UNCG MBA was the catalyst for pivoting my career and the fuel for enriching my effectiveness in my new career in higher education. Continuing with my doctoral degree has only added to my core competencies and facilitated my growth in the industry.

7. What resources – books, blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. – would you recommend for someone interested in your field or in a position like yours?

Find mentors and continually pick their brains. Then be prepared to mentor others!