Aug 18

A Welcome Message From Bryan School Dean McRae Banks

Dear Bryan School Students, Welcome to the 2020-2021 academic year in the Bryan School and at UNC Greensboro. For those of you who are new, we are pleased that you chose us to continue your education. To those of you who are returning, whether to finish a degree or start a new degree, we are … Continued

Aug 03

A Letter From The New Bryan School Alumni Association President

Joining the board ‘has been enormously rewarding,’ writes Rory Higgins ’11 Fellow Bryan School Alumni, There is no denying the Bryan School’s 51st year will begin under unusual circumstances, but our exceptional problem-solvers will find innovative ways to adapt. A strong support network is now more important than ever, and it is exactly what can … Continued

Jul 16

3 Questions Every Resume Should Answer

Employers can take as few as 10 seconds to review a resume. This is a lot of pressure to put on one document, considering nearly 98 percent of them are eliminated during the initial screening process. But as daunting as this may sound, job seekers can simplify things by keeping these three questions in mind: … Continued

Jun 08

Life After Graduation

It was May 2011. I had done it. I had earned a college degree! Everyone was proud. One small problem: I had no job. I entered UNCG in 2006 and was certain that, by the autumn of 2010, I’d be in New York counting more money than my parents had ever made. What I didn’t … Continued

May 14

How can you boost your resilience during a pandemic?

In the last month, our lives have drastically changed. We are no longer enjoying comforts we often take for granted: stability, routine, relative certainty, and, in some cases, financial viability. We are exposed to constantly changing information and guidelines that quite literally involve life and death. Some of us are finding ourselves continually overwhelmed by … Continued

May 13

Advice from an old dog learning new tricks

As a baby boomer, I’d like to share a few insights on the topic of coping with quarantine and working from home. I feel for all our students who have been displaced, have had their lives upended, been required to alter their educational and personal lives in so many ways — and in many cases … Continued

Apr 28

Kerrie Rogers Engle: Patterns Manager

7 Questions with a Spartan Kerrie Rogers Engle is a Patterns Manager for Lee Mens at Kontoor Brands, Inc., having earned both her MBA (‘18) and her BS in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies (‘11) from UNCG. 1. What do you love most about your job? I’m coming up on my 7 year anniversary with … Continued

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