Feb 26

Utilizing Career Services from Day One

As a career services professional, I have worked with undergraduate and graduate students at two large public universities. I also spent two years in corporate America as a national recruiter.  During my time in both worlds, I have seen how hard it is for students to articulate their experiences on a resume and in interviews. … Continued

Feb 22

Travel Like a Pro

Associate Professor Bonnie Canziani has traveled around the world for both business and fun. Here are some of her tips that will help take the stress out of traveling, make a trip more affordable, and ensure a memorable experience. Planning for a Successful Trip SCHEDULE trips based on weather, holidays, and events. Be flexible and consider staying longer at … Continued

Feb 13

The Perfect Personal Statement

Don’t let your personal statement stress you out! Here are a few tips and tricks from our Graduate Recruiter. Applying to graduate programs can be a daunting task. There seem to be many moving parts between the online application, recommendation letters, GMAT/GRE tests, and more. Don’t let the personal statement give you a headache! Use … Continued

Feb 13

Working the Room at a Career Fair

Making an entrance Never just “show up” at the UNCG Career Fair. Take time to prepare. Create an account in Handshake.  After your account has been created, you can access details on employers that will attend the career fair. Create a game plan and research the companies. Make a list of the companies you plan … Continued

Feb 08

An Explorer of Analytics

Ryan Emerson canoed the Mississippi River alone from central Minnesota to New Orleans in 88 days. Three weeks later, he started his Master’s in Applied Economics. It should come as no surprise, then, that Emerson’s current colleagues describe him as motivated and focused. Emerson has developed his own style of work/life balance. When traveling for … Continued

Feb 07

Dressing to Impress

When you show up to your next interview, will your outfit be an asset or a distraction? Dressing to an impress at an interview is about more than just wearing a suit. It’s important to consider the details that could help or hurt your chances to get hired for your dream job. Glynis Bell (MS … Continued

Jan 29

Making the Most of Company Spotlights

“I’ve applied for dozens of jobs online, but I’m not hearing from anyone!” If you graduate without building a network, that’s likely to be your future. Employers typically receive hundreds of resumes for every job posted, so even with the most on-point resume you’ll have a hard time standing out. What’s the answer? Make sure … Continued

Jan 22

6 Tips to be a Successful Student

In order to be successful, I think that you must realize that you are and always will be a student. You may not always have an academic institution listed as your primary vocation, but you should have the mindset that continuous learning is paramount. Since graduating in 2010, I’ve held analyst roles at BB&T, KPMG, … Continued

Jan 15

“How are your grades?”

This is the one (dreaded) question every student expects to hear from their family and friends when they finish the semester and head home for break. They’re not wrong to focus on your grades; high school GPA is the best predictor of college success, and college GPA is a huge factor when looking at honor … Continued

Dec 21

Revitalizing Your Career

Are you feeling stuck or stale in your current career path? Whether you’re ready to position yourself for a promotion within your current employer or change fields altogether, now might be the time to consider a graduate certificate or degree. Bramley Crisco, who manages Employer and Corporate Relations at UNC Greensboro’s Bryan School of Business … Continued

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